Pill for Women’s Sex Drive?

The FDA is not considering any pill for women that would “Viagra-ize” them.  The female libido remains an impenetrable wilderness, for the most part, according to Bat Sheva Marcus, PhD, who is the clinical director of the Medical Center for Female Sexuality in New York City.

Still, there are therapies and theories.

But first, you need a diagnosis.

What’s Causing the Problem?

The female sex drive is a delicate mechanism, unlike a man’s – which seems to function under any condition from arctic to stillborn.  A women needs to be in a safe and comfortable relationship in order for her libido to become aroused.

A woman’s sex drive is affected by:

  • Thyroid gland malfunction or menopause; any number of physical conditions.  Most especially child birth.
  • Long term stress, at work or at home, and especially in a relationship.
  • Clinical depression and other mental diseases.
  • Medication can affect the libido adversely.  Blood pressure medication, neurotoxin suppressors, and birth control pills all have been implicated in destroying a woman’s desire to make love.

It probably is not just one issue, but several issues, that a woman will need to confront and deal with if her libido has gone South.