Puppy Love, Naturally!

Puppy Love, Naturally!

We’re all familiar with the adage “a dog is man’s best friend”. So if you could give your puppy a healthy head start, you’d do it, right? Of course, you would! Because seriously, who doesn’t want their best friend around for as long as possible?

According to the American Kennel Club, puppies (like their humans) have six key areas that need to be paid attention:

  • Exercise
  • Grooming
  • Proper nutrition
  • Fun time
  • Training
  • Vet care (humans, please go to the doctor!)

In this article, we’ll take a look at how to address each of these points, and the benefits of them all.


All dogs, regardless of their age, require exercise. As with humans, movement for puppies builds muscle, strengthens joints, and increases bone density. Dogs also need to exercise every single day as this serves as an avenue for them to train their minds and socialize with other pets. Exercising can also correct the behavior of an aggressive puppy since they will finally have activities that will allow them to use all of their energy. The biggest benefit of all is the bonding time you and your canine counterpart will have.

Bear in mind that every breed of dog has different activity-level requirements, so learn to gauge your particular pooch’s when you’re out and about with him.

Generally, puppies need more exercise than senior dogs. Aside from their age, any health condition should also be considered when deciding how often you should exercise with your furry friend.


As daily grooming is important for humans, it is for our pets too. Grooming has many benefits. Have you ever noticed how brushing your hair is relaxing, and that your hair shines afterward? This is the same for your pet. 

Regular grooming can also ward off any stinky odor from your dog and allows you to check for any fleas and skin diseases. Early detection of these health problems will increase the efficacy of treatment solutions. Moreover, regular grooming also decreases your dog’s risk of ear infections, bad posture, and bone deformations. And, most importantly, regular grooming can also keep your dog’s look good every day!

A regular bath, with a non-abrasive pet-friendly shampoo, will keep your companion parasite free. Dry him with a fluffy towel, and then brush him to stimulate his skin and healthy fur growth. If your dog has thick or fluffy fur, consider investing in a dog blower. This will help dry your skin’s fur fast and keep it healthy. This is a great way to check if your pet has any injuries that need treatment.

Proper Nutrition 

As with exercise, different dog breeds have different nutritional requirements. One thing they do deserve regardless of their size is the occasional treat. You can give them some whenever you’re training them for a new trick or when they behave properly in front of other people and pets. Giving treats during these situations will encourage positive behavior in pets.

It’s best if they’re healthy treats, but ones we may enjoy, such as grapes, raisins, and macadamias, are deadly to dogs. Spend some time to research about natural treats for dogs, so you will know which are healthy for them. Chocolates make most humans happy, but these are deadly when given to your dogs, causing lethargy, vomiting, and even death.

There are great, naturally-based pet treats available from reputable sellers online, and My Cherry Puppy says that ones containing CBD can help calm an anxious dog, or facilitate easier movement of their joints.

Like humans, dogs require protein in their diet, but their amino acid requirements differ from ours. Your dog has sharp canine teeth for a reason – give him some meat! 

Fun Time 

Raising a puppy like you would a child requires a balance of both work and play. Fun time teaches you more about your pet, its social behavior, and creates an experience to bond in a less formal set-up than a daily, leashed walk, for example. There are many dog parks available where your pet (and you) can make new friends. There is a myriad of activities you and your pet can do to have fun.

When taking care of a pet, invest in toys that are suitable for their size and age. Dog toys can stimulate your dog’s brain and help them relax. If you have a lot of chores at home or usually work at home, giving your dogs some toys that can keep them occupied and help wear them off. Toys can also teach your dogs about independence as they will get to do activities by themselves.


Another saying you might be familiar with is, “Manners maketh the man”. The same is true for your four-legged companion. Teach him basic commands such as “sit” and “stay”, and most importantly, to only accept treats from his human family. If you struggle to get him to grasp these concepts, there are many puppy training schools available.

Some training schools offer classes in obedience, and others specialize in agility. Decide which is best for you and the breed of dog you own.

Vet Care 

Just as much as we don’t like visiting the doctor, our pets have a way of knowing when they’re going to the vet, and they can become anxious. A tincture from natural ingredients may be helpful in calming your pet down.

As with our annual check-ups, it’s imperative that your puppy has scheduled visits to the vet to ensure that he’s healthy. If you notice anything amiss about your puppy, such as poor appetite, low mood, or intense thirst, don’t hesitate to call your vet. He’s as important to your dog as you are.

Give Your Pup Your Everything

A dog is a great gift to you and your family, but be sure you care for them as if they are a member of your unit. They require just as much care and attention as we do. By focusing on these 6 areas, your furry friend will be happy and healthy and live a long life.