What Is Age Management Medicine and Why Should I Care?

Are you feeling stressed all the time? Do you suffer from chronic fatigue? You may not be in a healthy, safe place mentally right now.

All of these factors contribute to the aging process. They increase your aging to the point that you lose mobility, beauty, and also develop medical problems.

Age management medicine is the treatment you take to prevent rapid aging.

Let’s discuss several ways you can implement age management medicine into your lifestyle to ensure you live a long, happy, quality-filled life.

Causes for Rapid Aging

There are several reasons a human body can rapidly age. As you age, you lose a quality of life. You aren’t able to do things you used to be able to do such as taking part in sports or playing with grandchildren.

Let’s discuss some of these causes for aging. The best method of treatment is prevention and you can’t prevent rapid aging unless you look at what causes it.

Mental Health and Attitude

Your mind plays a major role in your body’s age. The more stress and depressive thoughts you cater to, the faster your cells will die and your body will age.

Unhappy people that allow emotions such as anger, hatred, and anxiety to control their lives tend to end up having medical issues like heart disease, high blood pressure, and pain in joints.

Weight and Diet

Being under or overweight creates poor muscle tone due to the lack of exercise and being underweight causes the face to sag (giving it an older, wrinkled look) due to the lack of natural fats in the facial structure.

What you eat is essential to your cellular health. Your body’s basic building blocks are the cells and if you aren’t properly feeding those cells with the right nutrition, you allow free radicals to develop (cells that are damaged and known as cancer cells). 

Elemental Exposure

The sun’s UV rays dramatically increase the aging of our skin (our largest organ) by causing sun spots, wrinkles, and the development of free radicals (cancer).

Cold exposure over long periods, causes the skin to become thin and wrinkled as well.

Life Choices

Excessive smoking, drugs, and alcohol all add to cellular death. Lines, facial discoloration, and dehydration are key results of these lifestyle choices. By decreasing in amounts of collagen, oxygen, hydration, and elastin, the skin of the face ages.

What is Age Management Medicine?

While no one can control their actual number of years (age), you can choose to control your mobility and quality of life. 

Age management medicine allows you to control these important factors in order to get the most out of your life.

By following several key steps, you can live a happy and full life. Let’s take a look at several methods for managing age.

Methods for Age Management Medicine

By managing different factors of your life choices and environment, you can ensure you live a long, full, and happy life. Several of these methods are: 

Daily Exercise

By making sure you are active each day for at least 15-30 minutes, you are helping to prevent rapid aging and loss of mobility. If you can’t get to a gym, no worries! You can walk around your neighborhood for 30 minutes.

Proper Nutrients

It simply comes down to—”you are what you eat.” Your cells take the nutrients you put in your body and use that as fuel to make new cells. Your body is comprised of cells made up of the nutrients you choose to eat. 

You want to make sure you are eating as cleanly as possible. Leafy greens, raw veggies and fruits, raw nuts, and unprocessed foods. Even though fruits and veggies are healthy, it’s best to buy non-GMO and organic to avoid pesticides and growth hormones.

Life Choices

Sleep and stress are the two key factors in lifestyle you want to focus on. Chronic stress and Insomnia cause mental and physical issues such as depression, anxiety, and decreased hormones.

As we already discussed, your mind’s health is essential to prevent rapid aging.

Herbal Supplementation

Finally, let’s talk about herbal supplements you can take for anti-aging. 


  • Bilberries — This is high in antioxidants and is greatly effective in fighting aging, skin dehydration (wrinkles), and macular degeneration (vision loss).
  • Tumeric — This prevents tissue damage, inflammation, and oxidative stress. Curcumin, an ingredient in Tumeric, also fights against free radicals (cancer cells).
  • Ginko — This strengthens the capillaries that carry oxygen to your brain and to your eyes. It helps prevent macular degeneration and oxidative stress.
  • Ginseng — This is an adaptogen that balances your body against stressors, enhances stamina, reduces high blood pressure, and creates clear, glowing skin.
  • Gotu Kola — It promotes healthy brain function, high in anti-stress properties, and known for healthy cellular regeneration.

Positive Side Effects

When taking prescription age management medicine, there are several key outcomes:

  • Feeling energized throughout your day
  • Looking and Feeling younger; fewer wrinkles
  • Increase in libido
  • A higher quality of life
  • A decrease in fatigue symptoms
  • Healthy weight and BMI
  • Healthy cognitive (brain) function
  • Prevention of medical diseases such as dementia, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and others
  • Improved sleep
  • Higher rate of mobility

Risks of Hormone Injection

As we age, the cells that produce our hormones age and die as well. A decrease in hormones means an increase in our aging process. 

While it is true that some health professionals promote supplemental hormones that you can inject into your body, synthetics might not be the answer to all your problems. In fact, you may find additional problems come about due to these injections. 

Here is a news article about a woman who took hormone injections.

As the article says, she didn’t age at all after taking these doctor prescribed hormones. Instead, she ended up dead. While they couldn’t prove the hormones are what killed her, take a look at the evidence and you can decide for yourself.

Why Should You Care About Age Management?

Health and happiness are key ingredients for living a quality-filled life. By looking at your options for age management medicine, you are allowing your body to have the opportunity to live in a world you can enjoy longer.

You owe it not only to yourself but to your family and to your children to live a life where you are active and mentally balanced. You are setting an example for your children and are helping teach them what quality living is.

Your family can enjoy the time they spend with you, knowing that clean and stress-free living makes for a loving, safe environment. 

Be sure to check out our articles to help you and your family live a long and healthy life.