Questions To Ask When Deciding Your College Major

How To Survive Your First Year Of College
Your first year at college is quickly approaching and you may be wondering how to survive. The entire experience is exponentially new to you. You will be away from home and in control of your class schedule. You will need to maintain your vehicle if you are keeping one on campus and you will need to secure a part time job as well in order to pay for any extras and food while you are on campus. Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones who is not utilizing student housing but rather renting a house or apartment with friends. Regardless, you are about to embark on a new sense of accountability and maturity.

While away remember to do the following:

  • Put class work first but establish a school and personal life balance
  • Acquire a part-time job that is flexible with your educational schedule
  • Routinely check in with student support services to ensure you are on the right track

When moving out and living off campus money can sometimes be a bit tight. All of your focus needs to be on your education since that is the main reason you are away at college. Look into ways to save money at your rental property. Perhaps your landlord will allow you to do some chores such as cutting grass or vacuuming common areas to take a small portion off of your rent. You can also lower your monthly utility bills by talking to the representatives at Dominion Energy, this will help free up some extra cash each month as well. Put in place a spending budget as well. It is tempting to go out with friends and enjoy the college experience, but this can get costly. Make sure you have enough money to cover your rent, utilities and additional expenses such as food and gas before you jump at going out to every invite.

Questions To Ask When Deciding On Your Major
When it comes time to select your college major there are a few things you should think about. Is the career path you are considering going to be lucrative? Some jobs are phased out as technology advances. Make sure you are educating yourself within a career that will always have a need for employees. Also consider whether your major will result in a career that may offer benefits such as 401K, pensions and retirement plans. While it is difficult to think that far in the future while you are in college, it is more difficult to realize you selected the wrong major and career path once you are in your 30’s. Talk to your parents. Discuss your major with your friends parents as well. This is the age range that will be most helpful to giving you insight on careers they may have wished they considered and ones they are grateful to have stayed away from. Your adviser should also be able to help you select a major that is best for you.

Picking a career is just not based on other peoples opinions and what you think is going to be the most profitable. You also need to consider your likes and interests. If you absolutely hate math, then a career choice such as accounting may not be right for you. If you are social you will want to consider majors that have careers where people can be a bit more forward and outgoing. The sky really is the limit when you are thinking about your future. Don’t forget, while away at college if you feel as though you are on the wrong path, you can always speak with your advisor and find a different major. This is the time to learn and make mistakes and learn from those mistakes.

College is an exciting time and while it may seem stressful, it should also be enjoyable. This is the time in your life where you will embark on becoming and adult and forming adult friendships.