• How To Manage The Stress Of Running Your First Nonprofit

    Starting a nonprofit can be a dream that you have had for years. Getting funding is always going to be important as donations can make managing the organization so much easier. Figuring out different ways to generate donations might take a unique approach. Dog rescues have the advantage of being able to showcase great dogs […]

  • 5 Ways How CBD Can Treat Depression

    The shackles of talking about mental illness in the open have been broken now. Society has become more human in helping a person fight their battle of depression. Over the years cannabis has emerged to be a propellant in mental health. It has come to be known as a remedy for resolving disorders impacting mental […]

  • Finding a Retirement Home for Your Loved One – Do’s and Don’ts

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  • How Technology Is Improving Patient Experience

    Consumer experience is a priority across all industries and healthcare is no exception; we’re seeing healthcare recognize the need and opportunity to enhance patient experience through healthcare innovations that improve user experience and health engagement. Here’s some tech that helps boost patient experience. Virtual care The pandemic hastened this change, but virtual care is being […]