• How Technology Is Improving Patient Experience

    Consumer experience is a priority across all industries and healthcare is no exception; we’re seeing healthcare recognize the need and opportunity to enhance patient experience through healthcare innovations that improve user experience and health engagement. Here’s some tech that helps boost patient experience. Virtual care The pandemic hastened this change, but virtual care is being […]

  • How To Offset Costs When Building A Stand-Alone Home Gym

    The world has changed immensely over the last 2 years with gyms having restrictions and rules to follow to reduce the spread of COVID. There are some people that would rather exercise at home if they had the option. You can eliminate the cost of the gym for the entire family and this will likely […]

  • Vision Care Eye Care Professionals | What To Know

    Our eyes play a vital role in how we move through the world and enjoy our life. They do the important task of capturing light. Then, different parts of the eye work together, connecting with neurons that deliver a message to the brain as visual images.  For this reason, it is important to keep our […]

  • Can Hearing Loss Affect a Child’s Development?

    Most children learn how to speak by listening to the noises that those around them make. The child will hear words in their surroundings and will try to understand and interpret them. In order for a child to learn a language, they will usually rely on their ability to hear noises and sounds. Trying to […]

  • A Complete Guide: Do Magnesium Supplements Work?

    Considered one of the most abundant minerals in your body, Magnesium is responsible for maintaining your cardiovascular health, ensuring the bones remain dense and strong, helping to produce testosterone and other hormones and even regulating certain aspects of your mood. Yet, despite its importance, various research shows that many people don’t get enough Magnesium.  Scientific […]

  • 3 Health Benefits of Taking a Vacation in Nature

    How You Can Create A Backyard Oasis To Rejuvenate Your Mind And Body

    People have spent more time at home than ever before during the pandemic. A number of people even had their homes turn into their offices due to social distancing. Rejuvenating both mentally and physically in today’s world can seem impossible as your work has literally followed you home. Looking forward to sitting around the pool […]

  • The Top 6 Reasons to Visit an Eye Care Professional

    Do you strain to see far-away objects? Do you often have difficulties reading or seeing objects while driving or working? Is it possible you have eye problems? Many people have eye-related challenges and often schedule appointments with a premium optometry to help them diagnose and rectify the problem. If you’ve noted any vision problems, it […]