Red Light Therapy and Other New Skin Solutions for Acne

Ugh, acne! It’s embarrassing, painful, and it can even permanently damage skin. It’s no wonder people will do anything they can to get rid of it. But in most cases, this isn’t so easy to do.

Acne is a stubborn problem and that’s why researchers are constantly working to find solutions that will get rid of it once and for all. This brings tons of new products to the market on a regular basis.

Red light therapy is a new type of treatment that is said to improve the look of acne, as well as other skin conditions. This article will take a look at red light therapy and other treatments so you can find the one that’s best for you.

What is Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy uses red low level wavelengths to treat a variety of skin issues. The red light produces a biochemical effect that strengthens the mitochondria which stores cell energy. It promotes the production of ATP in cells.

The ATP is a form of energy. The increased energy that is produced allows cells to rejuvenate and heal quickly.

Red light therapy is beneficial to acne because it has antibacterial effects. It also promotes healing to reduce acne scarring. It works as an anti-inflammatory working to reduce swelling and redness at the site.

Other New Skin Solutions for Acne


Trifarotene is a new molecule currently being researched to determine its effectiveness in treating acne. Studies are showing that using the molecule in a retinoid cream can produce clear skin in about 12 weeks.

The molecule is unique because it targets the RAR-gamma, the most common RAR (retinoic acid receptor) found in skin. It is the first topical treatment proven to minimize the appearance of acne on the trunk and face. It is recommended for people nine and over.


Tretinoin is an up-and-coming topical study to reduce acne. It is a retinoid, or a form of vitamin A. Therefore, it has the ability to stimulate cell turnover. In doing so, it opens pores to release bacteria and irritants that cause acne.

The topical can be a short or long-term solution for those dealing with acne. It has also been shown to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and acne scarring.

Spot Treatments

Spot treatments are not new to the world of acne, but formulations are being improved upon and more effective products are being released. Incredibly Clear Acne Spot Treatment is one that is highly recommended.

Acure Organics is known for manufacturing all natural, high quality skin care products. Their acne spot treatment contains maximum strength 2% salicylic acid that fights acne at its source. It also contains a poet’s narcissus extract that reduces redness so you can feel good about leaving the house the day your acne appears.

Zits are no fun. Fortunately, scientists are working on new products that can bring you one step closer to getting the clear, beautiful skin you’ve always dreamed of. Which of these products will you be adding to your arsenal?