Reduce Headaches

Headaches are now a days pretty common due to many factors like extra work pressure, almost mechanical life, sound pressure and most importantly but not limited to regular reading that we do in form of electronic and other form of readings every single day.

Knowledge is power but in present times too much knowledge that we consume in through a lot of reading is headache as well. Complete avoidance of reading cannot be achieved but by adopting good reading habits, one could easily overcome the side effects of such. Let’s discuss the best reading practices that everyone of us can adopt in today’s times to achieve less stress and in return lower chances of a headache.


Well, if you wont your neck or head definitely will. Taking a break during regularly long sessions of reading can make you read or consume knowledge more then in a single go.

You can easily avoid stress and in turn headaches through regular break sessions during reading sessions. At the very least, go for a 10-minute rest, during a one-hour reading session. You could close your eyes during that or just think of or do something else or even don’t do anything during that 10 minute of yours.

If your work or habit involves regular reading then at times, do go for walk to give rest to your entire body.


Reading in the dark, is a no go area if you actually want to avoid headaches. Well, who doesn’t?

If you’re a regular reader, you would most probably be reading while in bed. Well, make sure the area is well lit so that your head wont move in circles after the reading session. Reading in the dark or low-lit areas cannot only cause headaches but as well can cause ever-lasting damage to your eyes. So be lit and avoid eye disaster as well as constant headache or other diseases.


We regularly read electronic documents now a days and these electronic documents contain fonts with various styles, sizes as well as colors. If those styles or sizes or even colors do not correspond to our eyes or if they put extra pressure on our eyes then we can get headache.

Use of black or red colors or any sort of calligraphic styles during regular long sessions of reading can make your head move in circles and thus the headache part of it. Avoid fonts that you feel uncomfortable with and go for the ones that your eyes are easy with so that headache can be avoided.


If you’re feeling regular strain or pressure on your eyes when reading, you should immediately seek help in the form of a good GP in your area or optician who can check and tell if your eyes are working good and if there is any sort of a problem then how and why that problem should be avoided.

You could have lenses prescribed by the GP or even glasses that could protect your eyes from extra strain and yourself from headache.


Dehydration can easily lead to headache and pressure plus stress on your eyes. Keep yourself hydrated to the most by always having a glass of water nearby.

Don’t engross yourself too much in reading that you forget to be hydrated in regular intervals of reading.

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