Safety of Skin Care Products

The natural and organic sphere is growing and for good reason.  It seems that every day a new study comes out showing how bad many synthetic chemicals in our food and personal care products are for us.  This has led many to make the commitment to eating organic and using only natural personal care products.

Many products for the skin were often overlooked for their possible links to cancer and other diseases.  Now that we have solid evidence that what we put onto our skin can and will seep into our blood stream, more are going all-natural with their personal care products.

A number of years ago though, there were not many solid options in regard to natural skin care.  If you decided to go all-natural, you were limited to some pretty basic products that contained little more than maybe hemp seed oil and some essential oils.  While they were not bad for the skin, they also didn’t bring much in regard to results to the user.

Now with skin care brands such as Mad Hippie, users can choose to go all natural with their skin care needs while still getting good results.  No longer does one need to trade results for safety.  In fact, one can get remarkable results in as little as 2-3 months.  You can even see the results in before and after pictures on their website to show you just how effective their products really are.

Parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate and many other toxic chemicals are still contaminating our skin care products.  With government watchdogs such as the FDA being little more than puppets controlled by corporate conglomerates, it is important that we take the time to search out safe and organic skin care products.  It is not just the health of our skin that is dependent on it, but also the health of our body as a whole.

Websites like Skin Deep are a great resource for people looking to discover what skin care products are safe and what are not.  They give a breakdown of the ingredients of every product and their known safety.  While the website is not perfect, it is a great starting place for anyone looking to explore the safety of the cosmetics they put onto their skin every day.