Signs That It’s Time for a Career Change

Imagine your morning commute each day in Melbourne. Have you ever wondered about all the people around you as you’re heading to work? Do you think all of them love their jobs or are they all standing on the metro or bus thinking to themselves, “Just another day in Hell”? The fact is that a lot of people admit that they don’t like where they are right now professionally.

For some, the desire to change jobs could be driven simply by a “grass is greener” mentality and may benefit from making some different changes in their lives. For others, however, it’s a real possibility that you’ve reached a stage where you do need something new in your career and that’s when it’s time to find what career counseling services you can get in Melbourne.

Below are some classic signs that career counseling and finding a new direction is the right move.

1. You Dread Work Every Single Day

Even when you like your job there will be days that you dread a little, whether it’s a big presentation, or a performance review, etc. If, however, you dread work every single day, and you spend Sunday nights mourning your weekend off and thinking of the misery that awaits you on the next 5 days, it might be time to consider a move. It’s not normal to dread your job in this manner.

2. You Find Every Opportunity to Miss Work

If you are finding yourself actively thinking of ways to get out of work for a full day or part of a day, then perhaps you’re working in the wrong place. When you are plotting and hatching schemes that will result in time off “sick” or on personal days, then you are in a place that makes you unhappy enough to want to lie and deceive others in order to stay away from it.

3. Your Job Affects Your Personal Relationships

Are you also missing out on friends’ birthday parties or family events like anniversaries or your kids’ school play because you “have to work?” If you can’t strike even a semblance of a work-life balance, then you are most likely in the wrong job. You might think that you have to keep a job for the sake of your family, but when that same job is risking the bonds you have with friends and family, it might be time for a change.

4. The Work is Meaningless to You

Do you care about what you do? Do you feel that the work you are doing is making any kind of positive impact or difference in the community or the wider world? Is the work engaging and interesting, or does it leave you feeling dead inside? A lot of people in need of a career change are in job situations where they feel the work they do is pointless and just a means to earn a monthly salary. If that sounds familiar, then you might want to seek advice on getting a new and more fulfilling career path.

5. There is No “Struggle” At Work

In this context, when we say struggle, what we mean is “Challenge.” Many people stay in jobs for so long that they barely register that they’re working anymore. To some, that might sound great because you can achieve a lot without putting in too much effort, but the sad truth of this is that human beings as a species thrive on challenges and increasing difficulty. When we get stuck in a rut where everything is familiar, we stagnate and become complacent.
If you’re feeling complacent, like the challenge in your life is done, then it could be time for a new challenge to emerge. Whatever motivates you, have the confidence to take the next step when the time comes.