Spending Less on Medical Equipment

Healthcare in the United States is expensive. Doctor’s visits, surgeries, blood work, and imaging tests all carry a hefty price tag. When consumers need medical equipment too, it may be too big of an expense. Even with insurance coverage, patients may still be subject to high out-of-pocket costs. Saving on high-quality and durable medical equipment is possible as long as patients take the time to compare costs and search for extra savings such as a coupon code or manufacturer rebate.

Check for Savings Events

Like any type of product, medical equipment is subject to price fluctuations. When patients are able to choose the time of year to buy the equipment, they have more control over the costs. One of the best times to buy is the end of the year when manufacturers are trying to clear out their inventories. At the end of the sales quarters are a good time to purchase medical equipment too. Sales managers are trying to meet their goals for the quarter and will be motivated to offer the best deals possible.

Shop Online

Any type of medical equipment can be purchased online and delivered directly to the patient’s residence. Since the company doesn’t require a storefront, their costs are often less than buying at a medical supply store. Compare prices between multiple online stores since costs can vary drastically. An online medical supply store may advertise 50 percent savings, but will have an inflated retail price listed. Before checking out with an online provider, patients should search online to see if a coupon code is available to discount the order even more.

Work with Salesperson Directly

Patients can reach out to a sales team member directly to discuss savings options. The sale team member could advise of any manufacturer rebates or coupons available for use. The associate may also let the patient know of any upcoming sales or events. For instance, healthcare exhibitions often include vendors who offer event attendees low discount prices on their line of medical equipment.

Purchase Used

In some cases, certain medical equipment can be purchased used or refurbished. Before buying any type of used equipment pieces, patients should notify their doctors to confirm it is a safe option. Bidding sites offer medical equipment pieces for sale or patients can look through Facebook Marketplace. Local yard sale groups hosted on Facebook could also be a source to check for used medical equipment pieces. Certain non-profits, like Goodwill, also sell used medical equipment at their local storefronts.

Check for Assistance Eligibility

Many states and non-profit organizations offer discounts or loan programs to those who require medical equipment. Through these programs, the organization cuts the retail cost of the equipment or allows the patient to make interest-free loan payments until the cost is covered. For certain medical conditions, the organization may offer the patient access to free or low-priced refurbished medical equipment. Eligibility may be determined on financial status and what type of health condition the patient has been diagnosed with.

Any concerns about affording medical equipment should be discussed with a doctor. A physician could have access to samples or advise the patient on low-cost options.