Start Young: 4 Reasons Children Should Never Miss A Checkup


babyIt is important to start children with regular checkups as soon as they are born even if they are not sick. Regular checkups help keep kids healthy. Doctors give children physical exams, check to make sure everything is good with their eyes, ears and mouth, and keep the children up to date on their immunizations. There are many different reasons regular checkups are important.

Help Ensure Proper Activity Levels And Nutrition

A child’s pediatrician checks activity levels and nutrition during annual visits. If a child is not as active as he or she should be or is not eating properly, a pediatrician can step in early if the child has regular checkups. The earlier a pediatrician steps in and helps parents plan better activity and nutrition for an obese child, the better the outcome is. Preventable diseases such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease can be avoided if a child visits a pediatrician on a regular basis.

Keep Immunizations Current

The pediatricians in Spring TX recommend that your child is up to date on their immunizations. Keeping a child’s immunizations current helps the child stay healthy to grow properly and avoid preventable diseases.

Pass Mandatory Evaluations To Attend School

Many states require evaluations to be done on children who are entering kindergarten and the 7th grade. These evaluations include hearing, vision and immunization status updates for the younger children, and hearing, vision, immunization status updates and scoliosis testing for the older children. The earlier issues with hearing, vision or scoliosis are detected, the quicker children can be on their way to recovery. Regular checkups with the child’s pediatrician also make certain the child is up to date on all immunizations and able to attend school.

Continued Monitoring Of Health Risk Behaviors

Many health risk behaviors of individuals are learned in childhood and early adolescence. Yearly health checkups help doctors monitor health risk behaviors such as early drug or alcohol abuse, crime, depression symptoms or suicide. If a doctor suspects a child is partaking or suffering from health risk behaviors at a yearly health checkup, steps for intervention can be taken. Anticipatory guidance is also given to parents at these checkups to help further prevent issues and keep children safe and sound.

These are just a few of many reasons it is important for children to go to every checkup with their pediatrician in Spring TX. Regular checkups help keep children healthy to grow big and strong.