Hannah W.

  • What Your Aches and Pains Might Be Telling You

    Aches and pains can often be expected with age, but there are times when the discomfort can hint at a deeper problem. Although it’s common to take medication to alleviate pain, it’s also important to listen to the body and investigate a more serious ailment that may be lingering. With aches and pains, there are […]

  • Don’t Be Cheap: Reasons Why You Should Get Good Health Insurance

    Although many people have complained that they were “insurance poor”, few can dispute the importance of having insurance when they needed it most, particularly health insurance. In the United States, health insurance is now required by law. Whether it’s required or by choice, health insurance is vital to our overall health and well-being. Read on […]

  • Four Things That Can Help A Recovering Addict

    Addiction is a problem that requires constant vigilance and a great deal of patience to successfully overcome. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, over 23 million people require some form of treatment for drug and alcohol abuse. For many addicts, the urge to use never goes away. It is simply managed […]

  • Four Ways Alcoholism Lowers Your Standard of Life

    An estimated 17 million Americans have some form of alcohol disorder, according to statistics from the National Institutes of Health. While alcohol maintains some benefits in moderation, alcohol withdrawal and abuse can quickly lower your overall standard of life in various different ways. Health While drinking alcohol in moderate amounts has the potential to positively […]

  • Denied Social Security? Here’s What You Can Do

    Denial of Social Security claims happens frequently. Denied claims are usually because the applicant does not produce enough required information. The applicant must prove beyond a doubt that he or she is disabled or can no longer work. The applicant will need a statement from his or her physician and maybe even from any previous […]

  • Major Differences Between Silver and Resin Fillings

    When you go to the dentist with a cavity, your dentist will likely offer to remove the decayed tooth material and then replace it with a filling. Your dentist will generally help you pick the type of filling you need, as there is a distinct difference between the materials used for fillings, which are most […]

  • How to Tell if You Should Go to the Emergency Room

    While you may know how to handle some medical necessities and injuries at home, there are times when a trip to the emergency room may be your best option. When an emergency happens, quick care can be critical. However, many individuals choose to wait out their injuries or illnesses because they are unsure of what […]

  • Tooth Replacement Options Made Simple

    To many of us, losing a tooth can be a disappointment and to some, it can be devastating. There are a number of reasons why tooth loss can occur, from dental decay to trauma. What you need to know is that no matter why you lost the tooth, you have tooth replacement options. These options […]

  • Addiction and Genetics: How to Cope with a Predisposition for Addiction

    Overcoming an addiction to prescription medication, alcohol and even illicit street drugs is never a simple task, regardless of the severity of your addiction. Recent studies have shown a significant predisposition for addiction based on genetics and DNA, making certain individuals much more susceptible to succumbing to an addiction if they have a family history […]