Stay Clean on the Go With Alcohol Wipes

With Covid-19 causing shortages of basic hygiene products such as hand sanitizer, we as Americans can no longer assume that retail stores and businesses will always provide us with hand sanitizer when we enter or leave their establishment. In order to truly protect yourself and your family from contracting the disease from dirty surfaces, the most responsible thing to do is to carry a package of wet wipes that are suitable for killing viruses and bacteria in the prevention of the spread of communicable disease.

You Don’t Need A Sink To Stay Healthy

It’s getting harder all the time to find a public bathroom, as businesses like restaurants are closing to dine-in customers because of the high Covid-19 illness present in certain states. This doesn’t change the fact that it is extremely important to wash your hands as often as possible when you have to be out among the public to satisfy life’s responsibilities.

Even if you can’t locate a sink to wash your hands, you can always carry a package of Natural Alcohol Wipes to clean your hands off. The CDC recommends that alcohol-based hand sanitizing products contain at least 70% Isopropyl Alcohol to effectively kill germs. Our wipes meet that guideline and also come in several great, natural scents to choose from (or come in unscented, if you prefer). No chlorine bleach or other harsh chemicals are used in this product, and it is safe to use on your hands (Do not use near eyes, mouth, or genitals) or on any potentially dirty hard surface that you might need to touch.

Our Products Contain No Harsh Chemicals

A dentist and a physician began Dr. Brite with a mission to create natural products that will still effectively protect us from harmful viruses and bacteria. Aside from medical grade Isopropyl Alcohol, Natural Alcohol Wipes contain water, Hydrogen Peroxide, Lauric Acid, and Citric Acid. Scented varieties also contain natural fragrance. 

The FDA recently released a list of household cleaning products that are currently on the do-not-import list, because they contain trace amounts of methanol. Of course, Natural Alcohol Wipes are completely methanol-free. The alternative to our Natural Alcohol Wipes, which we create in small batches to ensure that quality control is maintained, are mass-produced cleaning wipes that often contain bleach – as well as other harmful toxins. 

Multipurpose Disinfectant For Hands And Surfaces

With waterproof packaging that slides easily in a diaper bag or a purse, take our Alcohol Wipes anywhere you need to stay clean and healthy. Do not leave in hot cars, please, nothing above 102◦F or anywhere near an open flame. Store at room temperature, if at all possible. Not recommended for use on fabric or porous materials. 

That said, they are the perfect remedy for sticky car interiors, ketchup covered baby seats, ketchup covered baby hands, for a quick emergency hand wash after someone you just met suddenly sneezes and still wants to shake your hand, for making sure your hands aren’t as dirty as the fast-food counter you just leaned on to read the sign easier, for sharing with an elderly stranger who is in need of a possibly life-saving wet wipe, and for so much more. This is a very useful product when times are slightly scarier than we are used to.

Stay Healthy With Natural Alcohol Wipes 

Keeping your loved ones healthy doesn’t have to be difficult. Keep yourself and your family healthy with pure medical-grade Isopropyl Alcohol, the key ingredient in our all-natural Alcohol Wipes. Buy them by the 3 or 6 pack in the larger sized package, or in 10 packs of travel-sized.