Teeth Whitening: Why This Dental Procedure Is a Must

‘There’s no limit to perfection’ is a well-known saying you can often hear. The overwhelming majority of people strive to look impressive, so appearance matters a lot to them. Consequently, the increasing popularity of different beauty procedures is easily explainable. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t want brighter and whiter teeth. However, due to the variety of critical reviews, some view a trivial cosmetic dentistry procedure as a risky and dangerous experience. So what is teeth bleaching? Is it safe? What are possible downsides? Keep reading to get an opportunity to weigh the potential pros and cons you may experience from the procedure.

Key Features of Teeth Bleaching

Teeth whitening is one of the most demanded procedures in cosmetic dentistry. Browsing the web, you may come across different products, kits, and devices that may help you achieve the desired result without leaving your home. Whitening pens, toothpastes, and strips are ultimately valued these days. Additionally, it is inevitable to remember the professional bleaching services you may get in the dentist’s office.

What is the most reliable option? Are there any factors that should be taken into account beforehand? As you know, forewarned is forearmed, so take your time to get to know more:

  •  Quality. There is no reason to deny that teeth whitening has purely aesthetic advantages. What do people expect from the experience? A charming and attractive smile everyone will notice. Though most people prefer home whitening kits, it’s practically impossible to reach the same professional bleaching result as one may get at the dentist’s office;
  • Price. It’s true that, in most cases, teeth whitening is a pricey experience. A high cost is a basic reason why people prefer to use home kits. However, this point is quite controversial, as with the rapid development of the modern market, the prices are getting much more reasonable and competitive. Many reputable clinics and dentists use Philips Zoom teeth whitening as this is the most popular and patient-requested equipment used. Thus, to reduce the cost of the procedure, dentists take advantage of Bleach Infiniter that makes the Philips Zoom light guide unlimited. At the same time, as mentioned on bleach-infiniter.com, the item does not influence the quality of the whitening process so you will have a chance to relish the unique correlation of high quality at a reasonable cost. Why is it important? Just because such a little detail may contribute to a price formation a lot. It makes professional teeth whitening much cheaper and more affordable;
  • Safety. The first question clients ask entering the dentist’s office is “How safe is professional whitening?” In fact, several factors may predetermine the success of the dentist’s work, including the level of teeth discoloration, quality of the whitening kit, the professionalism of the oral health care provider, and some others. Nonetheless, according to the statistics, the procedure is completely safe and flawless in most instances. 

Why More People Need Teeth Whitening Procedure

According to the survey by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, most respondents stated that they would want to improve their smile by making their teeth whiter. And around 90% of patients requested tooth bleaching, according to a survey conducted by the American Association of Orthodontists. This demand can be explained by the following reasons which make teeth change color:

  • Tea and coffee which include chromogens, the pigments which attach to the enamel;
  • Certain medications, e.g. high blood pressure drugs, antipsychotics, some types of antihistamines;
  • Tobacco, or to be precise, nicotine and tar found in it;
  • Age. In older people enamel gets thinner and yellowish dentin, a softer area which is hidden behind the enamel, may show through.

And while many people still resort to at-home teeth whitening methods, there is a high risk associated with destroying or hurting the enamel. And this is why it’s vital to consult a professional dentist who will recommend and perform the needed teeth whitening procedure for you to get that white Hollywood smile you’ve been longing for.