Telehealth update: take the right medicine at the right time with this medication reminder app

Your parents were there for you when you were growing up, making sure that you were fed, clothed and healthy – always looking out for your welfare. Now as they’ve aged and have become dependent on medications, how do you ensure that they take their medicines at the correct times, especially when they may be more forgetful?

For anyone who has struggled to remind a loved one to take their medications (or who may have trouble remembering to take their own) there’s help at hand through the technology of modern telehealth: a new app called “Medication Call Reminder” from TeleStar LTD sends a timely reminder in the form of a friendly phone call to the designated recipient, ensuring that those vital medications are taken as prescribed. As most caregivers can tell you, even dated or numbered pill boxes can be overlooked if stashed away in a drawer or in a cabinet but phone calls won’t be ignored.

Designed for the recipient’s children or other caregivers responsible for a patient’s wellbeing, the app can be used with most types of phones and calling platforms, including Android, iPhones and fixed (“land”) lines.

How it works:

First, you’ll need to set up an account then enter the number to be called and the time(s) to call – you can ask for up to four daily reminders. You can include a personalized message or just use the default message included. If the medicine is to be taken for a shorter period of time, you can also set the starting and ending dates.

There’s no special technology necessary or procedures to learn, unlike with Skype or other means of messaging and communication. Reminders are as easy as the loved one picking up the phone to hear your message.

The app also includes a log record of all of the calls made and notifies you if there’s no answer. Remember that the app can’t tell the difference between an automated machine and a live human, so if the recipient uses an answering service, you have the option of accessing a call log confirmation for easy checking and call confirmation.

How to set up an account:

You can set up an account easily and quickly either from your Android or iPhone smartphone, or directly online through the company’s website. Once the necessary information has been entered, calls will begin to notify the recipient of medication reminders. The reminder service works only in the USA and costs only $8.99 per month, a very affordable way to have peace of mind.

You can pay using a PayPal account or order through Android’s Google Play Store or for iPhone users, via Apple and iTunes right from the app! Just click on the Cart button then hit the Subscription button. To finish your purchase, enter your PayPal-Apple identification information and password. Your information is safely stored and easy to retrieve for confirmation.

About the company

App developer TeleStar LTD offers a wide variety of communication and telephony services such as call recording, automated calling services, affordable international calling and more. By giving consumers a choice of any number of mobile apps to provide and complement the above services, maximum use of the newer mobile world coexists comfortably with that of the older world of telephony. .