The Breast Cancer Awareness Gift of Hope

No one’s life has gone untouched by cancer. Whether you know someone who has been diagnosed with the disease or have battled the beast yourself, you know what power the diagnosis can have on your psyche and well-being.


12.7 million people are diagnosed with cancer every year, with 7.6 million succumbing to the disease. 1 in 8 American women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in her lifetime. According to the Breast Cancer Organization, 2016 has seen close to 3 million American women effected by the disease, including women who have survived the disease and are in the process of undergoing treatment for it.


What can we do to help our mothers, sisters, aunts and wives after receiving such stark news? What support can we offer as they seek treatment, as life as they knew it, as life as we knew it, has changed forever? We can bring them smiles. We can wrap them in warmth. We can offer them hope.


How to Become a Member of a Support Network

Many people (the uninformed, really) equate the word cancer with death. Getting a breast cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence. Are there going to be hard days? Yes. Is it going to be a battle? Yes. But you know what? Cancer does not define who someone is or what they represent; cancer is not a personality trait. Want inspiration? Looking for empowerment? Making breast cancer awareness crafts to distribute and sell for cancer research will help you Stand Up to Cancer and show it who’s in charge. Cancer doesn’t own your life, only you do.


Token of Strength

Do you carry with you a little protective talisman whenever you travel? Maybe you keep a worry doll or a lucky penny in your pocket when you’re about to make a big presentation. For whatever the reason, these objects help us feel safe. Help make breast cancer patients feel strong when they look at down at their Strength keychain. All you need are nickel plated split rings, round pendant trays, and diamond glaze to make a talisman of strength, hope and love.


Symbol of Hope

The ornaments that hang from our Christmas trees represent our joys, our wishes and our hopes for the holiday and new year. A breast cancer awareness ornament will remind your fighter that they are in it to win it and that there is nothing they and the family together cannot do.


Save the Ta-Tas

Do you know why bake sales are so successful? Because they bring people together for a good cause over good food! To help you in your efforts to raise money for breast cancer research, make mammo-graham and ta-ta cookies and cupcakes. People will get a kick out of the icing and chip placement and they’ll likely spend more dough knowing it’s for a good cause.


Circle of Life

No, this isn’t in reference to The Lion King, this is in reference to beaded bracelets with the emblazoned message of hope. Women battling breast cancer can sometimes feel unattractive and unfeminine when they have lost their hair during chemo or have had to undergo breast augmentation surgery. A delicate piece of jewelry worn on the wrist will help them feel pretty every time they wear it.


A Toast to Triumph

When your loved one has made their last visit to the doctor, and they have been told that they gone into remission, the world needs to celebrate! Using porcelain sharpie markers, embellish wine glasses and champagne flutes with messages of hope in pinks and reds. And don’t forget to tie each stem with a pink ribbon!