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  • Cosmetic Procedures You Can Do To Achieve Clear And Soft Skin

    Achieving clear and soft skin is deemed important by many people, not simply because it improves appearance, but it generally performs a variety of functions for one’s overall health. The human skin is the largest organ in the body that you should consistently maintain through proper diet, exercise, sleep, and skincare and cosmetic intervention, which […]

  • Medical Issues A Tummy Tuck Can Help Mend

    Tummy tucks are easily one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, and there’s a very good reason for that – this procedure can effortlessly fix quite a few common physical issues, and these issues are not just those that have developed due to weight gain (as many might think). Tummy tucks (otherwise known as abdominoplasties) […]

  • Pulse Light Clinic’s Lock-down Skin Regimes

    We are usually so busy with our working demands and family lives, we sometimes neglect ourselves. There is also a tendency toward caution when trying out new hair styles, dress codes, and skincare regimes just in case they go disastrously wrong, because we all know, it’s no fun to sit on a train with that […]

  • What is the Level 7 Certificate in Injectables & Why Should Aesthetics Patients Care?

    Medical aesthetics is a booming industry. It has grown spectacularly in recent years and this trend looks set to continue, with each year’s innovations and technological advances surpassing the last.  One of the biggest growth trends is the field of non-surgical beauty treatments, the minimally invasive procedures such as Botox injections, liquid fillers and dermal […]

  • How Reduction Rhinoplasty Differs from Traditional Rhinoplasty

    Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that modifies the shape of your nose. You may consider rhinoplasty if you want to improve breathing, repair injuries, change the look of the nose, or correct defects. The nose has an upper portion made of bone, and a lower portion made of cartilage. Rhinoplasties alter the cartilage, bone, and […]

  • Eyelash Growth Products to Forget about Mascara and Eyelash Extensions

    Eyelashes are the basis of a dramatic and seductive look. At the same time, the color of the eyes, shape, and size are entirely irrelevant — long and noticeable eyelashes change facial expression in seconds, making it more vivid and attractive. Do you want to take care of your eyelashes without harm to health, daily […]

  • Fresh Look with a Fresh Decade

    Now that the new decade is upon us, plenty of NYC residents are pushing through the cold winter to go back to their jobs and their old way of living before all the holiday eating and drinking. But despite going back to their old daily routines, this doesn’t mean that there are no more opportunities […]

  • Top 4 Reasons Why Botox is So Popular

    You may have at least one or multiple friends or relatives who have had Botox treatments and keep going back for more. Botox injections are incredibly popular for aesthetic purposes and many other good reasons. The injections are so popular among women to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This cosmetic treatment is […]

  • Why Organic Beauty Products Are Better

    The natural sciences agree that the current age of the Earth is about 4.5 billion years. The first land plants appeared 470 million years ago, and have had time to adapt and evolve ever since. Consequently, when humans came along about 200 thousand years ago, there were already a wide variety of plants with different […]