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  • All Natural Tips for Beautiful Skin

    We all want glowing, healthy skin, but it can be a challenge finding the right skin care routine and products. Countless moisturizers, medications, and creams claim to be a cure all for skin problems, but do you really know what you’re putting on your skin and inside your body? Often times these products end up […]

  • Best Methods for Making Your Eyelashes Grow Longer

    Long, luscious, healthy looking lashes can make all the difference to the way your eyes look either with or without cosmetics, but what if you want to have your eyelashes grow longer than they do naturally, is it possible? The simple answer is yes, and here we share the best methods you can use to […]

  • Top Skin Care Procedures for 2018

    Taking care of the skin you are in is sage advice that allows you to always look your best. The skin can be indicative of health and is often part of the first impression we make on people. It’s no wonder then that good skin can give a confidence boost and a skin issue can […]

  • How to Look Your Best As You Get Older

    Retirement can bring about a mixed bag of emotions. Even though we all look forward to the day we can smash our alarm clock for good and relax, there are certain beneficial things we can keep doing our entire lives. As we get older, preparing to face the day by looking our best is a […]

  • Top 10 Natural At-Home Beauty Treatments

    You don’t need to visit the salon to enjoy luxurious beauty treatments! We’ve compiled a list of 10 you can try from home, and the best part is that they use natural ingredients! Avocado Mask for Shiny Hair Avocados are one of our favourite hipster ingredients, but did you know they can enhance the look […]

  • 5 Skin Enhancing Treatments that Will Make Your Skin Glow

    This is a guest post courtesy of Dr. Christopher Pavlou, the Founder, Owner, and practicing medical and aesthetics doctor at Skin Technique in Vancouver, BC, Canada. If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that bright glowing skin is something we aim to have. When our skin is at its healthiest, we feel […]

  • Your Utah Plastic Surgery Options

    Drivers on Utah Interstate 15 can’t miss the dozens of billboards along the way touting the work and expertise of beaming plastic surgeons. The impression one gets is that elective plastic surgery is as common and uncomplicated as getting a haircut. But the choice of elective plastic surgery is not one to be taken lightly, […]

  • What Are The Benefits Of Going To A Medical Spa?

    Gone are the days of men and women primarily relying on painful cosmetic surgeries to look and feel young.  Recent advancements in the non-surgical cosmetic procedures have significantly increased the popularity of medical spas among women and men why to shy away from cosmetic surgeries but still desire to improve their look and agility. Medical […]

  • 5 Benefits to Using a Laser to Prevent Aging

    Growing old is a natural phenomenon – there is no getting around it. For most people, growing old means becoming wiser or experiencing the best times in life. However, growing old also means that your body is not as healthy and youthful as it was 30 or 40 years ago. That should not stop you […]

  • 5 Tips To Removing Skin Moles

    Moles are black or brown growths that form either individually or in groups anywhere on the skin. They can appear on both kids and adults. They are perfectly normal and most are not cancerous. Most people choose to live with them while others want them off of their skin. If you want to get rid […]