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  • How to Search for a Cosmetic Surgeon in the UK

    Cosmetic surgery has become more and more popular over the course of the last decade, thanks to the open and honest discussions high-brow celebrities and well-known individuals are having about their desires to enhance their looks. Whether it is a want for plumper lips, slimmer physique, or a more youthful face, going under the knife […]

  • The Biggest Misconceptions about Plastic Surgery

    Plastic surgery is a lot more important than you might think. But for some reason, this life-affirming process often gets a bad reputation. Because of this negativity, there are many unwarranted misconceptions about this process floating around online. To help dispel the myths, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to take a closer look at the […]

  • Beauty and Fashion Items that Can Affect Your Health

    Sometimes beauty can be a pain—or painful. No, we’re not talking about torturous plucking or waxing. Although, grooming our brows feels like pure masochism. Beauty pains result from our body resisting our go-to cosmetics, jewelry, and even our wardrobe through an itchy, irritating, and sometimes seething allergic reaction. That perfect blush, a must-have eye palette, […]

  • Beauty Tips That Leave Your Face Ever Glowing

    A glowing skin always radiates the inner beauty of a person and, thus, brings out the personality to the full extent. The glowing skin makes a person not only look confident but also feel confident enough to try out every difficult task at hand with zeal and determination. This is exactly the reason why we […]

  • How to Achieve Younger Looking Skin without Cosmetic Surgery

    The process of aging can be a funny one for women. While we celebrate the fact we are growing older, and getting to enjoy that longer life, the visible signs of aging can sometimes be hard to accept. With plastic surgery on the rise, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, one has to […]

  • A Quick Look at Tummy Tucks

    Have you ever dreamt of a flat and firm tummy? Have you ever hoped for a belly that doesn’t produce love handles whilst sitting? Or maybe you’re tired of not being able to fit comfortably into your clothes? You’ve tried lots of ways to lose the stubborn fat deposit and saggy skin around your waist and belly. You have taken the stairs instead of the elevator and stopped eating junk food. Unfortunately, all of these lifestyle changes haven’t given you […]

  • 5 Smart Ways to Meet Your Beauty Goals In 2017

    Research shows that having a good facial look has many positive effects. It makes you happy and also gives you an upper hand at work; people pay more attention to what you say during meetings. Really, it also makes you to feel so special. But there’s more to looking good than just applying every product […]

  • Modern Rhinoplasty and You: The Emotional Benefits of Having a Happy Face

    We live in an age where appearance can seem to count for everything. Both women and men are subjected to a constant temptation to compare themselves with physically flawless celebrities and models. It is no surprise that many people end up unhappy with their appearance. Some aspects of appearance, such as weight or posture, are […]

  • The Breast Cancer Awareness Gift of Hope

    No one’s life has gone untouched by cancer. Whether you know someone who has been diagnosed with the disease or have battled the beast yourself, you know what power the diagnosis can have on your psyche and well-being.   12.7 million people are diagnosed with cancer every year, with 7.6 million succumbing to the disease. […]

  • Are Korean Beauty Products Suitable for Any Skin Tone?

    After the introduction of BB cream to the mainstream market in 2011, K-beauty has become the biggest trend to hit the global skin care and cosmetics industry. Today, more women outside Asia have become obsessed over Korean beauty products that allows them to achieve the coveted glowing and dewy look. In fact, South Korea exported […]