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  • Modern Rhinoplasty and You: The Emotional Benefits of Having a Happy Face

    We live in an age where appearance can seem to count for everything. Both women and men are subjected to a constant temptation to compare themselves with physically flawless celebrities and models. It is no surprise that many people end up unhappy with their appearance. Some aspects of appearance, such as weight or posture, are […]

  • The Breast Cancer Awareness Gift of Hope

    No one’s life has gone untouched by cancer. Whether you know someone who has been diagnosed with the disease or have battled the beast yourself, you know what power the diagnosis can have on your psyche and well-being.   12.7 million people are diagnosed with cancer every year, with 7.6 million succumbing to the disease. […]

  • Are Korean Beauty Products Suitable for Any Skin Tone?

    After the introduction of BB cream to the mainstream market in 2011, K-beauty has become the biggest trend to hit the global skin care and cosmetics industry. Today, more women outside Asia have become obsessed over Korean beauty products that allows them to achieve the coveted glowing and dewy look. In fact, South Korea exported […]

  • Your Best Ten Anti-Aging Masks this Year

    Is there anyone who doesn’t want smooth, young looking skin? Probably not! Taking as little as thirty minutes each day, it’s possible to have skin that is radiant, no matter what your biological age may be! The list below details the top 10 anti-aging face masks that are now trending on Amazon. OZ NATURALS FACIAL […]

  • Why Your Skin Care Ingredients Matter

    When was the last time you read the ingredients on your shampoo or your hand lotion? If you don’t suffer from any skin allergies, sensitivities, or are living a cruelty-free lifestyle you may never read the ingredients on such products, but you should be. You need to care for the outside of your body just […]

  • Anti Aging – 5 Tips to Look Younger and Better

    How do all those famous actors/models look so young even after aging past their 30’s? Does it always involve costly plastic surgeries or treatments that are horribly expensive? Of course not. You can look younger and get rid of those baggy circles under your eyes with the use of a few creams and moisturizers. They’re […]

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Having Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

    Going abroad for cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly popular. Tens of thousands of people fly off to have breast implants in Thailand or nose jobs in Thailand. The benefits are obvious – in virtually every case, you can save a fortune and enjoy a cut-price vacation at the same time. However, it is not all […]

  • A Few Things Everyone Should Know About Breast Augmentation

    In case you didn’t know, breast augmentation is a term used to describe improvement or enlargement of female breasts with the help of a specific surgical technique that typically includes the use of implant above or under the pectoral muscle. It is good to know that breast reconstruction is different than breast augmentation. Typically, breast […]