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  • Clearing The Air About Rhinoplasty

    Plastic surgery often gets a bad rap. Some people are quick to dismiss it as a medical field not nearly as important as many others. This comes from feeling that it is more of a frivolous diversion for the wealthy than a viable medical technique. Some even go a step further, considering it a net […]

  • How To Harness The Power Of Your Beauty

    You’re beautiful and may not even know it. There’s a force within all of us that’s waiting to be unleashed. You must step outside your comfort zone to find and embrace it. Don’t be afraid of failure or looking silly. Let yourself be free of judgments and criticism as you explore all you have to […]

  • Skin Signs: What to Do When You Find a Bump on Your Body

    If you’ve recently noticed an unusual skin change, you’re certainly not alone. Skin lesions, lumps, and bumps are quite common, especially among older people or persons who have a significant history of sun exposure. If you want to know when to worry, please read on. We’ve gathered savvy advice from dermatology experts and now share […]

  • 5 Surprising Reasons Tattoo Removal is on the Rise

    Just as there are varying reasons for getting a tattoo, the reasons a person would choose to get a tattoo removed are just as varied. These reasons can also be of a personal nature or professional. Therefore, the reasons why someone may want to remove a tattoo may vary from one person to another and […]

  • 6 Signs of Aging and How to Fight Them

    Are you struggling with the signs of aging? The good news is that there are things that you can do to battle the signs of aging and begin looking younger. Here are common signs of aging, and what you can do about them. Hair Loss Hair loss, also known as female pattern baldness, is a […]

  • Here’s How to Cut Out Stress When Getting Cosmetic Surgery

    If you are planning on getting plastic surgery, then you may be feeling some anxiety or may be concerned about the hassle involved. This is perfectly normal as you will be undergoing a medical procedure after all. If you are looking to make the process a little easier, then you have come to the right […]

  • How to get the most out of your Lipo Surgery

    Liposuction is one of the most common forms of plastic surgery. The reason for that is because of its high versatility as well as the fact that it is highly customizable. In this way, it can bring out the best of your figure by contouring any part of the body. Many lipo surgery candidates experience […]

  • Sparkling Benefits: The Effects of Wearing Gold Rings

    Since the ancient times, gold has been the symbol of wealth and power. Furthermore, it has been believed to have possessed great medicinal purposes. Medical History of Gold During the ancient Egyptian society, Cleopatra had used pure gold as her face mask to fight off aging and enhance her beauty. Also, during the Roman era, […]

  • Top Misconceptions about Liposuction

    One of the most common cosmetic surgeries is liposuction.  Even though thousands of these surgeries are done every year, there are still lost of misconceptions out there.  People who are not personally familiar with the surgery often shy away from having it due to these myths.  Today, we are going to clear up some of […]

  • Exploring The Risks And Benefits Of Botox Injections

    In the past few years, Botox has been making the headlines on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. There are many reasons why this treatment has become such a talked about topic, but one thing is for sure everyone is jumping on the Botox bandwagon, including celebrities and average people. Botox isn’t necessarily just for […]