The Transformation of Health Care: Truth and Transparency

The health care industry is at one of those proverbial inflection points, where it can either advance the cause of wellness or squander the chance to help the very people who need to find a good doctor.

The easiest way to achieve the latter, save a referral from a friend or loved one whose reputation is beyond reproach, is to use a review site that is itself free of any potential conflicts of interest and immune from attempts to manipulate or mislead the public.

That mission encapsulates the essence of Completed, a comprehensive – and credible – review site, where a true meritocracy may flourish. Not a meritocracy in name only. Not a meritocracy of style over substance. Not a meritocracy in theory, but a meritocracy in practice.

That means for every doctor with a profile on the site, for every specialist with a series of reviews, for every professional on the site and for every profession open to reviews on the site –– for every piece of content, truth infuses the site; for everything a person chooses to read, transparency suffuses the site with the trust users want and deserve to receive.

This approach, independent in every way and convenient because of its relevance to every industry, represents a marked savings in time. It marks an end to seemingly endless searches, where there is little or no way to reconcile or explain contradictory reviews, where there is no way to discern what is true, where there is no validity to what users can or should read.

Completed warrants our attention, and widespread adoption, because a meritocracy is what can make health care more acceptable to millions –– and more honorable to millions more.

A review site of this caliber can offer the full disclosure some doctors do not reveal and some sites choose not to want to know. We nonetheless have a moral right to know these facts, to determine their importance and decide how to interpret their significance.

With Completed, we may come closer to the day when we have a complete solution to a crisis that plagues too many professions.

We can now stop this crisis of confidence.