Lewis Fein

  • Healthy Living with EMF

    It is easy to avoid what is visibly dangerous. More difficult is the effort to stop what we can feel but not see, what we can only see after the fact: the bloodshot eyes and reddened skin, the drawn face and bedraggled appearance, the signs of fatigue and the sad grimace of pain—all or some […]

  • Harmless Cigarette: A Healthy Way to Quit Smoking

    If we want people to quit smoking, we must not quit our search for a solution that does not replace one carcinogen with another; that does not further cloud the air with the stench of tobacco and the staleness of secondhand smoke; that does not so much end an addiction as start another, with individuals […]

  • Artificial Intelligence and All-Natural Wisdom: The Revolution in Healthcare

    Healthcare is as much a laboratory for medical science as it is a proving ground for computer science. That is, advancements in the latter accelerate achievements in the former. Few things better symbolize this union than—the best example of the product of this union is—artificial intelligence (AI): proprietary technology that yields not only data but […]

  • Lawyers at the Forefront of Healthcare Reform

    Healthcare reform is more of a political catchall than a call to improve quality of care and lower the overall cost of medical care. It is even less of a call to empower patients by educating them about their legal rights. And yet, the most influential agents of positive change are not so much doctors […]

  • FreeDNAtest.com: Bringing Ancestry to Life

    If we are to understand the bonds of humankind, we must first learn how to uncover the ancestry of one man or woman. It is, after all, a small step that leads to a giant leap; that propels an individual to better humanity by uncovering the thread common to all—the common threads of humanity—that form […]

  • Extracting the Best of Science with Xtraction Services: The Revolution of the Cannabis Industry

    For all the excitement about the financial and scientific potential of the cannabis industry, the companies that have the best chance to succeed are the ones with the means to achieve the economies of scale to expand rapidly –– and rapidly adjust to regulatory requirements that differ in various states. Hence the rise of “Extraction-as-a-Service” […]

  • Health and Safety: GreenApps.com and the Age of Smarter Living

    Health and wellness are not just matters of exercise and nutrition. Sometimes the health of thousands (or tens of thousands) depends on the health of a single thing: the proper maintenance and management of a residential building or a commercial property. Without the freedom to ensure a building is up to code, without the liberty […]

  • Vitality from Vitamin Energy: The Power without the Crash

    Energy drinks abound, from those with outrageous marketing campaigns to others with seemingly outrageous claims. But none of these products dare to promote the even more outrageous –– none of them assert that sugar is good for you because, well, it is not. These brands may seek to associate themselves with health and fitness, but […]