Lewis Fein

  • A Not-So-Twisted Tale of Inspiration and Safety: The Rise of Twisted Wares

    Inspiration sometimes happens during moments of desperation, when, in the midst of personal and professional upheaval, you leave everything behind – you move from the familiar enclaves of Seattle to the very foreign territory of Texas – and begin anew. Such is the story of Melissa Livingston, the founder of Twisted Wares, makers of The Hang Tight Towel®: A […]

  • Creating an Oasis of Healing with Encanna

    If you want to see the future of health and wellness, if you want to visit an oasis of healing and an environment of natural beauty, if you want to experience the benefits of medicinal cannabis –– go to Puerto Rico. Read about the rise of Encanna, one of the island’s leading providers of medicinal […]

  • The Bob Caputo Living Well Cookbook: Reinventing the Joy of Cooking

    There are cookbooks aplenty by authors of great fame and others of relative anonymity. But there is no cookbook as accessible – there is no cookbook with as great an emphasis on health and wellness, as strong a commitment to delicious food and nutritious meals – as The Bob Caputo Living Well Cookbook. I write these words because […]

  • Dating and Wellness: A New Bracket for Fun

    Far from being fun or exciting, dating is often a source of stress and anxiety. It does more to increase anxiety than lessen it, notable exceptions notwithstanding. One such exception is Bracket Dating, LLC, founded by Whitney Linscott. Her app is a tournament-based dating resource, which is a novel – and effective – way for a person to […]

  • Basking in a Clear Sky of Recovery, Thanks to the Expert Use of Ibogaine

    When we talk about addiction and recovery, when we talk (more specifically) about ibogaine treatment and hear stories (some of them accurate, many of them wildly speculative) about this issue, when talk about finding the right center – with the right professionals – to customize and apply this treatment, we should put experience at the forefront of this discussion. […]

  • Enriching Your Body and Soul

    For many men, low testosterone levels can cause fatigue and an overall loss of energy. Addressing this issue with a natural and organic alternative, in contrast to injections or prescription medications, is critical to giving men the option to try another way to produce healthy amounts of testosterone. Spartagen XT is one such example of this choice, as its […]

  • Energy and Productivity the Natural Way

    There is a global energy crisis, which risks undermining efficiency, uprooting economic stability and causing wholesale emotional panic. I refer not to a shortage of oil or gas, but to a decline in physical energy – a drop due to the inevitable crash – and jitters – of too much caffeine. Overcoming this challenge is a priority for […]

  • Fixing Health Care and the Power of Qualitative Research

    Fixing health care is a national priority. It is also a matter of study – of qualitative research – in which marketing experts can uncover the intelligence necessary to change health care for the better. Eliciting that information is as much an art as it is a science, one that depends on the skill and […]

  • The Miracle of Science and the Ease of Digestion

    As someone with inflammatory bowel disease, I take healthy digestion quite seriously. My battles with Crohn’s Disease make this issue a high priority because, having undergone surgery for this condition and having tried a variety of prescription medications to maintain my remission, I am very open to exploring the benefits of a high-quality supplement that […]