Lewis Fein

  • Energy and Productivity the Natural Way

    There is a global energy crisis, which risks undermining efficiency, uprooting economic stability and causing wholesale emotional panic. I refer not to a shortage of oil or gas, but to a decline in physical energy – a drop due to the inevitable crash – and jitters – of too much caffeine. Overcoming this challenge is a priority for […]

  • Fixing Health Care and the Power of Qualitative Research

    Fixing health care is a national priority. It is also a matter of study – of qualitative research – in which marketing experts can uncover the intelligence necessary to change health care for the better. Eliciting that information is as much an art as it is a science, one that depends on the skill and […]

  • The Miracle of Science and the Ease of Digestion

    As someone with inflammatory bowel disease, I take healthy digestion quite seriously. My battles with Crohn’s Disease make this issue a high priority because, having undergone surgery for this condition and having tried a variety of prescription medications to maintain my remission, I am very open to exploring the benefits of a high-quality supplement that […]

  • Let Nature Transform You

      Many of us need a retreat where we can rejuvenate in mind and body, where we can recover in peace and reemerge into the light, where we can enjoy not only a respite from stress but restart our lives, where we can return to our friends and families with more energy and enlightenment. Change […]

  • Ending the Anguish of Anxiety

    To suffer from anxiety – to endure this agony – is to know an indescribable tragedy: A trauma that is exclusive to each individual, for which this experience (to the extent we cannot feel another person’s pain) will forever be a mystery to everyone else. That does not mean people must bear this burden alone, […]

  • Storing It All Safely with Stor-All Solutions

    If we care about health and wellness, and no doubt we should (and do), one way to show that concern is by not wasting food. For we are a great many things – some of them great, indeed – but we are also a nation that discards too much food, that finishes too few meals […]

  • Opportuniteas to Lessen Joint Pain

    Allow me, again, to take this opportunity to thank Opportuniteas for its emphasis on health and wellness. Rather than engage in acts of self-congratulation, rather than write a series of superlatives that are as vapid as they are vacuous, the company is true to its emphasis on authenticity and transparency. Indeed, but for Opportuniteas, I […]

  • GOP Health Care Plan: Deflect and Deny

    It is time for the press to do its job, and for House Republicans to do theirs; without attempts by the latter at deflection, delays, denials or meaningless denunciations because GOP proposals do not repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or “Obamacare.” What we know so far, and what we deserve to know even more about, is that […]

  • The ‘Opportuniteas’ of Transparency: Communicating with Candor

    I want to revisit the themes of a previous post concerning authenticity and transparency. I want to take this opportunity on behalf of Opportuniteas, a leading provider of high-quality and affordable supplements, to reiterate the importance of the principles referenced above. I want entrepreneurs to know that authenticity is not another marketing buzzword, a value that resonates among participants […]