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The Dos and Dont’s of Applying for Scholarships

Scholarships are an important part of anyone college student’s life. Because let’s face it, college is expensive, even online, and a lot of the time, it really doesn’t seem worth it. But for many of us, it’s absolutely essential to both our plans for the future, and our dream jobs. Although the schooling might not be fun, in the end it’s worth it for most people. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t some relief. Applying for scholarships can give students huge breaks in their tuition costs, allowing them to get by far easier, or go into less debt. Here are a couple things to keep in mind when applying for scholarships. 


Applying for scholarships doesn’t always have to be hard. A lot of the time, it’s as simple as writing a paper, getting a letter of recommendation, or clicking a few buttons. These scholarships are going to be in a much greater abundance than others, but will have smaller turnouts according to Scholarship Guide. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth applying for. In fact, easy to apply scholarships like these are one of your best opportunities. Applying to one a day, or even one a week, for the last year or two of high school, will get you a tremendous amount of entries. Of course you won’t get all of them, but even getting a few out of those is more than you would have had before, and is well worth your time. There are some people who have even gotten their whole college tuition and housing paid for, simply by applying for hundreds of small scholarships. Although these will have a lot of entries to them, you’re bound to get at least a couple. 


Quantity isn’t everything though. A lot of scholarships don’t have a limit on how many students can receive them. These are another great opportunity to take advantage of, since instead of competing against other students, it’s a simple goal to reach. Many of these scholarships will simply be for getting a B or A letter grade average in your classes, maintaining a solid GPA, or completing all classes of a certain subject that are available. These scholarships are generally worth a couple thousand dollars worth either cash, or tuition at a variety of colleges, and are amazing opportunities to take advantage of, if you have what it takes to keep it up for all 4 years of high school.