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  • Fundamental Plans Under Your Insurance: Do They Include Supplements?

    Healthcare and health insurance are controversial topics that are always open for debate. There are some who believe it is the sole responsibility of an individual to make sure they are covered, while some think it is a fundamental human right and the government should make sure there is universal healthcare. The reality is health […]

  • Caring for an Aging Parent

    When your parents start to age, it’s a challenging season of life. 80% of the elderly suffer from a chronic disease, and the older your parents get, the greater their risk of suffering a health problem. It’s frightening when a parent’s health declines, and it’s often challenging to know what to do. You want to […]

  • Relieve Stress Through Getting Debt Under Control

    One of the most common stresses in an adult’s life is money. It is the constant struggle of wondering if you have enough to pay bills this month. Will you be able to afford a vacation or will you end up deeper into debt? The list of financial worries is never-ending. The more you stress […]

  • Moving in Together Before Marriage

    Their old-school parents may not be thrilled, but more and more couples are deciding to sign a lease together before they sign a marriage license together. It’s not something that’s only affecting millennials in their twenties and early thirties, either, as recent numbers indicate that an increasing number of couples over 50 are also opting […]

  • Buying Gifts? 4 Ways to Save Time and Money

    Buying gifts for other people is one of the most common ways to show a person that they are loved and cared about. The goal of any gift that is being given to another person is that it is personal, friendly, and speaks to the interests of person receiving it. For the gift giver, it […]

  • How to Maximize Discount Codes on Health Care Services

    When you are shopping online, there is a coupon box that pops out when you are checking out. It usually has labels like coupon code, gift code, promo code, discount code or offer code. These discount codes give you an opportunity for saving money. What happens is that when you are using the code, you […]

  • Why do you need individual health insurance plan if you have a corporate health insurance plan?

    Most people think that individual health insurance plans and corporate/group health insurance plans provide similar coverage, but they do differ in various aspects like cost and customisation options. Most people do not understand the nuances of group insurance and individual insurance and think of them to be similar. A thorough comparison between the two kinds […]

  • How to Pay Medical Bills You Can’t Afford

    Medical bills can be a huge burden on you and your family. The last thing you want to think about after a risky surgery, a broken arm, or other hospital stay, your medical bill can become almost frightening with its number of zeros. Some people might be able to shrug off their medical bill and […]

  • Ways Plastic Surgery Can Improve Your Health

    Benefits of plastic surgery are often the subject of a debate, and it’s most likely the first thing you want to know before going under the knife. Changing your appearance is what plastic surgery often advertises. However, it can do so much more than making your nose look better.  In a bid to help you […]

  • 5 Top Causes of Construction Accidents and Deaths

    Working in construction is not easy. It involves a lot of lifting and pushing, as well as hard work and lots of distributive attention. This last thing can make the difference between just another day at work and a day when a potentially fatal accident took place. Falls Falls are the most common type of […]