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  • financial planning for doctor

    Financial Planning For Doctors And How To Find The Right Financial Broker

    There are countless financial strategies available on the market, but every circumstance is unique, and it is vital that you find a financial advisor that can guide you and help you with setting up a financial plan that is suitable to your needs. Financial Advising Companies Often Specialize In: Assessing your financial plan Investing Retirement […]

  • Should You Go to the Doctor After a Minor Car Accident?

    Should You Go to the Doctor After a Minor Car Accident?

    A major car accident can lead to major injuries, and there’s no question as to whether you need medical attention. However, if you’re in a minor car accident, it might not always be clear that you need a doctor. You don’t want to pay for a $300 ER visit, only to discover there was nothing […]

  • The Benefits and Limitations of Indemnity Insurance

    If you are a surgeon, then it is vital that you find out more about medical indemnity insurance. Even the best surgeons in the world who spend every day delivering great healthcare can get it wrong and this includes even those with the world’s finest medical training. Mistakes can have serious financial consequences for a […]

  • Medicare Signups Made Easy

    Signing up for Medicare can be daunting, but it shouldn’t be. Whether you are new to this process or an old pro, you should be aware of some options available to you before the Medicare annual enrollment period. To be eligible for Medicare, you must have been a US citizen or resident for at least […]

  • Why Offering Full Health Benefits is a Business Expense to Consider

    The benefits that are provided by a company are often one of the most important factors considered by job seekers. They are often just as important, if not more important, than the financial offer, especially for those with large families. I polled several business owners and asked the following question: “Do you think offering employees […]

  • How to Safely Budget Your Children’s Health Costs

    Getting affordable health care is challenging enough for an individual. Those challenges are multiplied when you’re a parent with two or three children to support. You want a health plan that will cover your entire family and keep costs low. But, when you do the math, these goals seem more like science fiction than fact. […]

  • How to Pick the Best Health Insurance When You’re Self Employed

    When it comes to picking the best health insurance plan for self-employed, a lot of changes have taken place in the past few years. The subsidized insurance plan was precarious before the affordable care act. Those with pre-existing health conditions often got low coverage, while healthy self-employed seekers could find insurers that allow annual caps […]

  • 3 Guidelines to Find an Affordable Insurance Plan

    Cheap Insurance and Affordable Insurance are not the same.  Cheap means low priced where Affordable means reasonably priced (promising a quality product). Today, we will discuss how to find an affordable insurance plan by learning the basics elements. Visit the Marketplace Most companies offer health insurance to their employees. In such cases, the individual doesn’t […]

  • Choosing A Nursing Home in Your Area

    The decision to move to a care home is not easy and families ought to support their loved one make the right choice. The decision to move to a care home is a scary and challenging experience for many. They often feel like they require personal space to make their own decisions. Patients in care […]

  • Fundamental Plans Under Your Insurance: Do They Include Supplements?

    Healthcare and health insurance are controversial topics that are always open for debate. There are some who believe it is the sole responsibility of an individual to make sure they are covered, while some think it is a fundamental human right and the government should make sure there is universal healthcare. The reality is health […]