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  • Preparing to Move Into the Right Retirement Community

    As Baby Boomers continue to age and to retire, the whole retirement community industry is thriving as never before. Options available for seniors who want to take things at an easier and slower pace, who want to be around others their own age and engage in activities and pastimes that take into account their changing […]

  • What To Look For When Buying Health Insurance

    Do you know what to look for when buying health insurance? It’s an essential purchase, but with so many policy types from so many providers available, it’s easy to buy a policy that costs more than it really has to or that isn’t suitable to your specific needs. That’s why we’ve put together this short […]

  • How to Bring a Malpractice Claim against a Pediatrician

    It is normal for parents to be overprotective to ensure the safety of their child. When a child gets sick, parents usually take the child to a pediatrician. However, we couldn’t escape the fact that sometimes medical professionals make mistakes. This fault can make the illness severe, put the child’s well-being in danger, or worse […]

  • What to Do to Win a Medical Malpractice Case

    One of the boldest moves you can make is filing a malpractice case against a medical professional, especially if he’s backed by a big organization or hospital. According to, only 21% of malpractice suits have resulted in the plaintiff’s favor. This proves that winning the case will not be easy. The hardest part of […]

  • Richest man in Ghana – Top 10 rating of 2017-2018

    Richest personalities in Ghana prefer not to disclose such information as incomes and net worth. It makes the question: “Who is the richest man in Ghana?” one of the most frequently asked by Ghanaians. Despite the fact that it is not an easy task to find 100% true figures, we have managed to create a […]

  • 8 Ways to Pay Less at The Dentist

    No matter whether you have the best dental insurance plan in the world, or no coverage at all – dental care is expensive. But you can save a lot of money simply by following the tips below. 1: Go to The Dentist It may seem strange, but seeing your dentist regularly will actually reduce the […]

  • Science Degree vs. Arts Degree

    The transition from high school to college is one full of decisions to be made. Students must choose between community college or university, online or brick and mortar campuses. The list goes on and on as students begin navigating through many schools and majors, deciding which is the right path for them. Arts Degrees Arts […]

  • Five Ways To Cope With Unexpected Medical Bills

    It’s an undeniable fact of life that we will all come across unexpected and potentially even devastating emergencies in our lifetime. Whether it’s a broken down household appliance, or a medical emergency, we all like to think we’d be prepared, but when things don’t go quite according to plan we can often find ourselves stranded. […]

  • 4 Non-Financial Impacts of Identity Theft

    We live in a digital world, and most of our personal lives exist online. Unfortunately for us, this means the risk of identity theft is at an all-time high. Despite such a high occurrence of identity theft, most people still don’t put enough effort, if any, in cybersecurity. In fact, most people assume businesses, governments, […]

  • Best Healthcare Insurance for Foreigners Living in Singapore

    The number of expatriates living in Singapore has gone up over the years as government strategies to attract overseas talent have taken effect. There are more than 110,000 expats living and over 7,000 international companies operating in Singapore at the momentins. Many foreigners obviously find the living and working conditions of Singapore attractive. But, unfortunately, […]