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  • Why Cyberattacks on Healthcare is a Booming Industry

    Popular culture often depicts hackers as sophisticated specialists who use advanced coding skills to wreak electronic havoc among their targets. The reality is that hackers, like many other malefactors, go first for the low-hanging fruit that is easy to pick and that guarantees a profit. For all its sophistication, the healthcare industry is a surprisingly […]

  • Common Dental Malpractice Cases

    Dentists don’t call their business a “malpractice.” They call it a practice. And while practice does make perfect, the practice of dentistry is something that is taken very seriously, and malpractice is an issue that can cause grave problems not just for patients but also for the dentists themselves. And while a doctor can face […]

  • Am I the Victim of Medical Malpractice? How to Find Out

    Perhaps you have heard of startling cases where doctors amputated the wrong leg? Or maybe the story of a man who had the wrong kidney removed? Cases like these may come to mind when you hear the term medical malpractice. However, medical malpractice is not always as startlingly obvious as the aforementioned two cases. Other […]

  • The Cost of Being a Mom [Infographic]

    The next time you see your mom, be sure to tell her “Thank you”! You may not recognize the true value of her everyday duties which include everything from: raising sleepy babies, toddler temper tantrums, silent teenagers and cleaning up your mess. All of this take some serious skills. In fact, the “job” of a […]

  • Boom in Healthcare Industry Expected to Fuel Career Growth by 2024

    By the year 2024, healthcare occupational growth is projected increase by up to 19 percent. The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ outlook indicates that an aging population may contribute to this trend. While gains are predicted by the BLS might affect many different jobs in the field, two vocations that may show prominent gains are respiratory […]

  • Reasons Why Nursing is an Excellent Career Choice

    Nursing is a career that offers not only excellent job prospects but a rewarding and emotionally satisfying career. Nurses enjoy good salaries and can choose from a broad range of specialties, ranging from pediatrics to hospice work. As the population ages, nurses are in demand more than ever, making this an excellent career choice for […]

  • Insure Yourself to Ensure Your Lifestyle

    No one really likes having to deal with insurance companies; however, I think they get a bad reputation that isn’t entirely justified. Because in a lot of cases they are necessary, people can begrudge having to pay for their services, however when you’re actually in need of an insurance policy, you’ll definitely be grateful you […]

  • How Does A Small Food Company Remain Competitive?

    This is a very tricky question to answer. Unfortunately, the small food companies have many problems these days. They have to compete with giants that simply monopolized the entire market. There are so many different options that are available and you need to think about different small investments that bring in high quality results for […]

  • Here’s How a Master of Public Health Can Benefit Your Medical Career

    If you’re a health care professional, you may already be aware that a Master of Public Health is just one of many advanced degrees that can benefit your career. Even if you already have an MD, an MPH can give you the critical thinking and big-picture skills you need to understand how community factors influence […]