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  • Does your family health insurance plan cover pregnancy?

    When thinking of the right health insurance plan to pick for your family, you might be confused with the wide range of options made available to you. While a regular health insurance plan prepares you for risks related to all aspects of life, some do not offer you the basic necessity covers. One of the […]

  • What Will Medicare Cost You?

    Preparing for retirement is one of those things that are all too easy to put off. However, it’s never too soon to get started when you consider the potential costs of Medicare and healthcare in your retirement years. Many individuals go through life expecting that Medicare will not cost them a penny. This is because […]

  • How Diabetes affects Life Insurance Premiums

    Diabetes is a chronic disease that impacts more people than you probably think.  Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, here are the latest Diabetes statistics in the United States alone: 30.3 million people have diabetes (9.4% of the US population) 23.1 million people are diagnosed with a form of diabetes 7.2 million people […]

  • The Facts About No Medical Exam Life Insurance Policies

    No medical exam life insurance policies are famous for their ease of application process. Most life insurance application processes take weeks or months to finalize. No medical exam policies can take minutes, hours, or days to finalize since an applicant’s information is checked against publicly available information. Or the insurance company can check an applicant’s […]

  • The real cost of our NHS exposed

    The growing demand on the NHS shows no sign of slowing down, with recent figures suggesting that waiting lists had spiked by almost 62% since 2011. Pressure is most acute at this time of year with the winter weather and seasonal illness creating further strain on our GPs and hospitals. We rely on our health […]

  • How the Middle Class Is Drowning In Medical Bills

    With medical costs going through the roof in America, many middle-class families can’t actually afford to get sick. But that’s not how life works, unfortunately. Sickness is obviously something that can adversely impact families regardless of their ability to afford medical expenses, which is why many middle-class families across the country are struggling to pay […]

  • How To Find The Perfect Gifts This Holiday Season

    With the holidays right around the corner, finding the perfect gifts can be a hassle. After all, with so much advertising around telling our kids to ask for this and that, it can be difficult to nail down the perfect assortment of gifts for them. Fear not this holiday season, as we’ve compiled a few […]

  • 3 Essential Home Services You Can Get at Four Oaks Healthcare

    You cannot control every single thing in your life. Sometimes we are hit by unfortunate events that threaten our ability to live a normal life. Accidents can happen, diseases due to age can get to us and, certain hereditary diseases may hit us even when we are still in our early age. These events are […]

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    How It Is Possible To Secure Plastic Surgery Financing For Bad Credit History

    Everyone wishes to look appealing and attractive. And in certain professions, this need to look appealing is mainly due to the nature of the profession. Professionals in the glamour industry are expected to look good and presentable. It is the same with individuals who are involved in roles that involve customer-facing responsibilities. Though most professions […]