The Hairraising Truth About CBD and Blood Pressure Medication

Almost all chemical substances from prescription pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter drugs to illicit substances, interact with other substances. For example, there are more than 82 identified drug interactions with caffeine, and 25 of those are classified as severe or moderately severe.

Even substances that seem non-threatening, such as grapefruit, interact with an array of prescription drugs. When it comes to cannabis and CBD oil, the interactions are quite mild. Some drugs even work better with CBD.

This is good news for senior citizens who may be searching for a product to alleviate pain and other problems, but that won’t interact with other medications. Keep reading to learn more about CBD and blood pressure medication and why some senior citizens are turning to this substance.

The Effect of CBD for the Elderly

Before diving into the connection or reaction between CBD and blood pressure medicine, it’s a good idea to learn why it’s such a good idea for this population to use it.

CBD is a powerful pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. This makes it ideal for any senior who is suffering from inflammatory conditions, including arthritis, cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and more.

As time passes, CBD helps to treat symptom “flare-ups,” but it is most effective when used regularly. As time passes, CBD helps reduce cases of inflammation, reducing or eliminating the pain caused by the inflammation. It also helps with other symptoms, such as neuropathy and muscle spasms.

CBD and Blood Pressure Medication

CBD has been proven to help treat inflammation present in blood vessels in individuals who suffer from high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. Over time, the use of CBD may even help to reduce the risk of a stroke or heart attack, while lowering blood pressure.

CBD may also help to reduce inflammation in a person’s lungs and have beneficial effects on a person’s cardiopulmonary system. Even better, after a stroke, CBD can reduce inflammation in the brain and help with recovery and eventually, rehabilitation.

To put it simply, CBD may actually help a senior citizen (and others) eliminate the need for their blood pressure medication altogether. This could be good news for nursing homes and assisted living facilities across the nation as they try to find a way to reduce the medications residents are on.

The Right CBD Regimen Makes All the Difference for Seniors

Today, there are a huge array of CBD products to choose from. This means it’s easy to get lost in the jumble.

One of the biggest issues with CBD oil is that it’s sold as a supplement, rather than medication. As a result, the FDA doesn’t regulate the purity or safety of it. This means you may not know if the product you have purchased has the active ingredients listed.

Also, there’s the chance that the product contains additional, unknown elements. As a result, it’s important for buyers to use caution and do research before making a purchase.

Safety Concerns Linked to CBD

In addition to the fact that CBD is still unregulated, there’s another potential concern to know about. Some of the most reported side effects of CBD include irritability, fatigue, and nausea.

CBD may also increase the level in a person’s blood of the blood thinner Coumadin, and it may raise other levels of medications in a person’s blood, just like grapefruit juice.

Why Seniors are Flocking to CBD

Even with the concerns mentioned above, a large number of seniors are turning to CBD for help with their existing medical conditions. Some of the reasons this is happening include:

The Need for Fewer Pills

The older a person gets, the more medication they need to maintain a state of homeostasis in the body. While specific ailments require separate prescriptions, CBD oil can treat an array of symptoms.

What this means is that seniors can reduce the total number of pills they have to take each day.

Fewer Side Effects

Many prescription drugs can cause adverse side effects on their own, but that may be even worse if multiple prescriptions are taken. Compared to the side effects of these medications, those caused by CBD are less severe and extremely rare.

CBD is Non-Addictive

Some prescription medications are more addictive than others. One example of this is painkillers.

This type of drug is often used for joint pain and can be very addictive. With CBD, seniors can treat their chronic pain effectively and not have to worry about becoming addicted. This makes it a much safer option.

Easy to Use

For some, swallowing pills is challenging. Also, some elderly patients may struggle to keep an appetite.

Most prescriptions have to be taken with food, making things even more challenging for seniors. In addition to being an effective treatment, CBD can be used with virtually no effort. It can be added to food or drinks and begin working right away.

CBD for the Elderly: It’s a Solution that Makes Sense

CBD is a potentially beneficial and low-risk way to treat many of the complications and challenges that arise as a person ages. For seniors, or a family member’s elderly loved own, who is suffering from arthritis, dementia, heart disease, or glaucoma, it may be beneficial to add CBD to their routine.

With the information here it’s also clear there is no adverse side effect when CBD and blood pressure medication are used together. 

With a proper CBD regimen, seniors can live happier and healthier lives in their golden years. To learn more about CBD, assisted living, and senior health and well-being, make sure to visit often.