The Media Must Cover the Coronavirus Responsibly

The Coronavirus has brought devastation to so many different people in so many different facets of life. It would certainly not be an understatement to say that it has revolutionized the way we treat the subject of health and wellness, and our everyday lives. Media professionals like Ken Kurson have been adamant about the need for there to be important and responsible journalism surroudning the media’s coverage and treatment of this deadly pandemic.

There are so many different factors for members of the media to take into account when covering this story. The first of course is the death toll and the fatal nature of the disease. But reporters also need to be cautious so as not to overhype the dangers posed by the virus so as not to generate a level of paranoia among members of the public that could actually have a counterproductive effect, that is ultimately destructive.

Instead, according to Ken Kurson, there needs to be a healthy but delicate balance struck in the media’s coverage and treatment of the Coronavirus and its ultimate expansion among members of society and the public writ large. This balance is of course a challenging one for members of the media to strike for all the obvious reasons; but it’s nonetheless integrally important and even essential for it to be struck in an effective manner.

But it’s equally important that the public be conscious and aware of the dangers posed by the virus to ensure that they comport themselves in a way that’s consistent with safety protocols. Ultimately, it’s pivotal that social distancing guidelines be followed and not be violated. The mass demonstrations that we’re seeing in select parts of the nation against these measures is quite frightening.

Certainly medicine and science that has been thoroughly documented and established deserves to be aired across proper media channels in order to inform the public of the dangers of the virus, and those associated with the virus. Let’s hope that sort of balanced and responsible media coverage persists across all platforms. The more. The better.