The Superior Supplement Tribulus Terrestris

In the competitive environment of the gym, modern athletes performing at their peak are always on the look-out for ways to enhance both their performance and their physique, to give them the edge over their competitors. With a wide variety of supplements on offer, each promising to give the athlete the boost they are seeking, choosing the right product can be confusing. However, a fruitless hunt is unnecessary, because Tribulus Terrestris is a completely natural and superior supplement that can give you the leaner physique you crave while boosting your athletic performance, whatever sport you enjoy.

What is Tribulus Terrestris?

In the wild landscapes of the warm tropical and temperate regions of southern Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, Tribulus Terrestris is widely regarded as a weedy species, and an irritant: its varied names, including Devil’s Eyelashes, Puncturevine and Devil’s Thorn, betray the danger posed by its sharp spikes that many a traveller or wandering animal may fall foul of. Its use in medicine, however, can be traced back to ancient times, as a treatment for a myriad of conditions including urinary tract infections, kidney complaints and fever. In India, Tribulus Terrestris – gokshura – is also believed to strengthen the body.

As a bodybuilding supplement, Tribulus Terrestris has been a popular choice amongst competitors since the 1970s, in part due to its entirely natural origins that make it a safer option compared to synthetic alternatives. Ingested half an hour before commencing a workout, the supplement releases in a controlled way, unlike caffeine whose levels can fall sharply leading the athlete to experience fatigue and brain-fog at a time when he least needs it.

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Releasing testosterone

For centuries, Tribulus Terrestris has been celebrated in cultures worldwide for its health benefits, but to the aspiring athlete looking for that extra edge in his performance, it promises something different: a surge in testosterone, the male hormone that builds muscle mass, increases strength and, according to some studies, fuels motivation.

What’s more, it doesn’t take long for the impact to be realised. In one European scientific study in which a group of athletes took extract of Tribulus Terrestris three times daily, testosterone levels were found to be significantly elevated after only ten days. This is due to an increase in two other key hormones in the body – LH (luteinising hormone) and FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) – as a result of the Tribulus Terrestris, which in turn elevate the production of testosterone in men and oestrogen in women.

For the athlete who is seeking a safe and natural way to increase his performance, Tribulus Terrestris supplements could be the simple answer. Increased testosterone has some important benefits that are proven to support the athlete in reaching the next level in their performance programme, including: denser muscle mass and strength (as a result of increased protein synthesis); lower storage of fat and increased fat-burning receptors; increased blood flow which supports high-intensity cardiac workouts and higher production of red blood cells, helping to maintain bone density.

All-round health benefits

While Tribulus Terrestris may prove to have a powerful impact on an athlete’s training regime and performance through higher testosterone production, its overall health benefits are likely to be welcomed too. A healthier libido, lower blood glucose levels and increased energy are among the overall health benefits of higher testosterone. A stronger immune system and longer life expectancy are also benefits that are difficult to resist.

A safe, natural supplement

Overall, as an entirely natural supplement found in nature across the world, Tribulus Terrestris has been shown to be safe with few side effects. Nevertheless, as with any new supplement, it is advisable to exercise caution when calculating the correct dose and to be aware of any pre-existing medical conditions. Tribulus Terrestris reduce blood glucose, so some users may experience light-headedness, while diabetics or athletes prone to hypoglycaemia should always check with their doctor before taking the supplement.

Unlocking your potential

If you’re an athlete who is looking for that simple, safe and natural way to increase your performance and develop a leaner, stronger physique, Tribulus Terrestris could be the solution. As with any supplement, it is best taken alongside a healthy diet and time should be taken to establish the ideal dosage so that you can take full advantage of this most natural addition to your training regime.

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