The Top Benefits and Uses of CBD Oil

As doctors become aware of the benefits of CBD and cannabis for therapeutic use, many states have already legalized the use of marijuana so that it can be used by people for recreation and therapeutic uses. As the trend continues, the oil is becoming more popular

What is CBD oil?

CBD, an abbreviation of “Cannabidiol,” is one of many chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant that are referred to as cannabinoids. CBD is a substance that is found to have many therapeutic uses while causing no intoxication or mind-altering side effects. In other words, it is not a component of marijuana that leads to feeling “high” as one would when using the whole plant or THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) derivatives. THC is the chemical that people are most familiar with for providing a hallucinogenic or psychotropic effect on the mind.

CBD comes from either hemp or cannabis, and those sources are both considered part of the Cannabis Sativa family of plants. CBD oil is diluted with an oil such as coconut oil or hemp seed oil so that the compound can be used in an oil ingredient. The oil can then be packaged in a variety of ways, such as soft gel tablets, tinctures and concentrates.

Pain relief

CBD has been shown to relieve pain from a lot of different health problems, including fibromyalgia, cancer pain and others. This product also has an added benefit as it prevents nervous system degeneration, and it treats conditions such as multiple sclerosis. The substance was legalized in Canada after a round of studies that were conducted on laboratory animals.

Inflammation is known to be a cause for conditions that include heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and other autoimmune conditions. By reducing inflammation, CBD is considered to be a preventative therapy for some of these potentially deadly diseases.

Epilepsy treatment

CBD has been successfully used to treat children who suffered from epilepsy. The compound was proven to reduce the frequency of seizures by 23 percent compared to others in a study who were given a placebo. In 2018, the FDA approved a drug marketed as Epidiolex, which is a form of CBD, for the treatment of some forms of epilepsy who were two years old or older. The benefits of CBD for childhood epilepsy is well documented and available for anyone to read on the internet. CBD was also shown to mitigate the damage that can result to the brain from seizures. These include injury to neuron cells and some psychiatric illnesses.

Depression and anxiety

Statistics state that 18 percent of people in the United States experience anxiety, and 6 percent suffer from a form of depression at some point each year. Research has concluded that CBD oil is an effective treatment for these conditions. This is somewhat counter-intuitive because experts often advise pregnant women to avoid the drug because its effects on unborn fetuses are not known. In reality, the CBD compound does not have any of the psychological effects of THC, and it increases hormones such as serotonin that calm sufferers of the psychological disorders.

Diabetes treatment

Because of the inflammation-reducing properties of CBD, medical professionals have proposed that the drug is useful to combat type-1 diabetes, which results from damage to the pancreas that is believed to come from some forms of inflammation in some cases. Studies have shown results that suggest CBD oil can protect or delay the onset of type 1 diabetes.

Cancer treatment

CBD oil is an increasingly popular drug for managing the pain associated with some forms of cancer. The drug has also been found to possibly slow the growth and spread of cancerous tumors in animal studies because of its abilities to mitigate inflammation that leads to cancerous growths.

CBD for pets

It’s becoming more well known, but many still do not know that CBD is extremely beneficial for pets as well. Dogs with anxiety can benefit from InTune CBD dog treats, while cats can benefit from other CBD effects. Using CBD with the whole family will help everyone lead a more sustainable healthy, happy lifestyle.

Is CBD for everyone?

The World Health Organization has stated that the drug should be safe for everyone. They discourage use by pregnant women because the effects on the unborn child are not yet certain. Researchers still need to conduct a lot more studies in order to confirm CBD as a solid treatment for many health problems. As more information comes to light on the subject, it is likely that we will see more benefits in the near future.

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