Things You Should Know About Gabapentin Withdrawal Symptoms and Remedies

Gabapentin is a widely popular medication to treat postherpetic neuralgia, nerve pain, epileptic seizures, and restless leg syndrome. Physicians prescribe the particular drug to prevent mental illness and physical ailments caused by seizures and shingles. At the same time, medical researchers have found many fatal health complications in its overuse.

According to medical practitioners, Gabapentin leads to physical and mental dependency. And later, it causes addiction like illegal drugs in the market. Medical experts say that Gabapentin works like benzodiazepine drugs to stimulate the central nervous system and soothe the neuropathic pain.

Like other anticonvulsant prescripts, Gabapentin may promote depression and suicidal behavior among the young-aged users. Therefore, it must be taken under the close supervision of an expert practitioner.

According to the American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy, it may show similar symptoms and dangers associated with the abrupt alcohol and drug withdrawal. You should know the promising risks and threats in the Gabapentin revocation. And it’s highly essential to understand the remedies to avoid the life-threatening symptoms of the retraction.

Some specific symptoms of Gabapentin withdrawal:

Increase in seizures-The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) states that the sudden repeal of the medication can cause the life-threatening seizures. Like other intoxication revocations, it can grow negative impression, hopelessness, and depression among the users.

Promote blood pressure- The abrupt abstraction affects the central nervous system and promotes the blood pressure of the patients. And at the same time, it increases heart bit rate that may cause a fatal situation for the victim.

Anxiety and agitation- The National Health Institution have found that due to the sudden withdrawal of the medication the patient shows different abnormal behaviors like irritation and anxiety. It instigates on showing unnecessary agitation and disturbance to friends and family members.

Mental confusion and depression- When the Gabapentin consumption is suddenly stopped it raises many psychological puzzles like confusion and despair. And a depressed person cannot enjoy anything of the surrounding environment.

Apnea- Due to the accidental avoidance one can suffer from the sleeping apnea. And in the circumstance of the regular apnea, one can experience day drowsiness. It causes mental illness.

A Headache and dizziness-Feeling severe headache is one of the most common symptoms of the abrupt Gabapentin abolition. And in the greater extent, it can cause dizziness almost part of the day and night. And that’s why; the sufferers cannot play their normal lives.

Pain & muscle soreness- Without having proper advice, the immediate repeal of the drug can aggravate pain in the back, knee, feet, chest, and joint. It may cause muscle soreness for the indefinite period.

Unusual fever- If someone stops consuming Neurontin suddenly, he can feel unusual body temperature. And it may be a bitter experience along with the joint pain. Sometimes, it becomes difficult for the victim to move from one place to another.

Constipation & nausea- In the emergence of the sudden Gabapentin withdrawal, one can experience the health hazardous constipation and nausea. And it may happen in the regular interval.

Excessive sweating- Most of the patients experience these common symptoms in stopping the medication consumption. And the excessive sweating can lead to anxiety and irritation. It can jeopardize a healthy lifestyle.

Posing suicidal behavior- Psychologists opine that the sudden retraction of the anticonvulsant medicine can grow suicidal approaches among the patients. It leads one to commit suicide due to depression, loneliness, and helplessness.

Some selective remedies-

Medical detox- Physicians suggest for the medical detox to suppress some significant symptoms of the GBA withdrawal. It helps to take control over the emotional environment for avoiding the further complications.

An accurate withdrawal schedule- It’s quite important to go through the proper time-frame to stop the medications. The withdrawal process should be gradually tapered off with an absolute formula to avoid these self-harming symptoms.

Nutrition supplements- With some useful nutrition supplements, the potential risks of sudden annihilation can be minimized. And it can invigorate both the mind and body of the consumers. Therefore, most of the health practitioners recommend some sorts of nutrition supplement.

Counseling- To save one from depression and gloominess counseling is one of the best measures here. With the proper motivation, the victim can take control over the state of his mind. And it will bar him from committing suicide.


Therefore, we can say that the Gabapentin is a blessing for treating diseases until it causes addiction. You should have to be much more aware of adapting with the post-medicated circumstances. I hope that this review will help you to tackle the symptoms to get the remedies for any unwanted situation with the special genres of medicine. Have a healthy life ever!