Tips to registering your dog as an emotional support animal

In order to overcome depression, anxiety or any other traumatic experience, an emotional support animal may play a very big role in the healing process. People mainly register dogs and cats as emotional support animals. But there is no restriction on the animal choice. For emotional support dog registration, there are a few requirements that you must have. You also need to know the regulations and adhere to them.

Here are 5 tips to registering your dog as an emotional support animal:

  1. Qualification

In order to have your dog registered as an emotional support animal, you need a letter from a psychiatrist or any mental health professional. If you have suffered any form of trauma, anxiety or phobias, you qualify to get the letter from the health practitioners. Other qualifying conditions include mood swings, disorders in personality or accidents that completely change one’s life forever. If you qualify for the letter, it will take less than forty-eight hours for you to get the letter

  1. Housing emotional support animals

There are many benefits that one gets when they register their emotional support animals. One of the major benefits is that the landlords must accommodate pets. There are no restrictions on tenants who have pets if they are registered. You will also not be required to pay a pet deposit or additional fees to tenants that have emotional support animals.

  1. Public places

A registered emotional support dog is allowed to public places including taking flights. You will not be charged pet fee while on a flight. But it is recommended to notify the flight attendant when booking a flight. You may hold the dog while on travel if it is registered as an emotional support animal

  1. No training is required

There is no specific training required in order to register a dog as an emotional support animal. You also do not need to get a dog that is already trained. If you have a close relationship with your dog and the dog also has good social skills, you may go ahead and register it as an emotional support animal. But remember that the dog must be in your control at all times. Check for the aggressive behavior of your dog towards other people and ensure that this behavior is discouraged. In registering the dog, these are some of the qualities that may get the dog disqualified.

  1. Online registration

It is possible to register your dog online as an emotional support animal. You will be given a kit that includes a certificate of registration and an ID for the dog. You do not need to renew the registration since it lasts as long as the dog lives. You can easily complete the registration online. You may be required to get a special harness for the dog as well. Some people prefer getting special collars for their dogs. It all depends on your preference.

The process of registering a dog as an emotional support animal is not hard. It is, therefore, a good idea to register your dog in case you suffer from any of the conditions mentioned above. It is therapeutic to have emotional support from animals. It speeds up the healing process for those affected psychologically due to traumatic experiences.