Top 10 Office Jobs in Demand – «Eau-de-vie» for Applicants

Do you think that an office job is dull and not prestigious? Some of them break all the previous highs of popularity. The companies look for highly qualified professionals to make their business grow faster and to solve a full set of current problems. Keep reading the article to make you sure in this trend. If you’ve already aware of the jobs in demand, go to the and study the most attractive offers to choose from.

When looking through the list below and thinking of a certain job, don’t forget to assess your abilities and overhaul your resume if it deals with making the leap from one industry to another. Besides, don’t quit until you line up a new position because hiring managers become rather picky when seeing gaps in your CV.

Best Office Jobs to Climb the Social Ladder

Account Manager

This job implies maintaining contact with the client’s customers. You can be responsible for sales, advertising, promotions, or marketing. According to the stats, you can earn up to $7,583 and in addition, it’s a good foundation for growing up to a successful digital marketer.

Drafting and Design Technician

If you’re keen on drawing and have digital art training and experience, a drafting technician is a profitable position for you. You can be invited to an architectural, engineering, or manufacturing company that needs designs or blueprints for competitive product ideas. The hourly rate is within $14 – $30.

Medical Office Worker

If you can work as a medical transcriptionist, receptionist or deal with medical billing and insurance, you’ll never be an outsider. The medical appointment-scheduling department and other similar establishments are waiting for you to offer you up to $33,927 annually.

Office Administrator

Do you convey a sense of vision and authority to other people? So, you can supervise administrative staff and distribute tasks to provide the office’s cost-effective performance and earn on average $15.21 per hour.

Data Entry Clerk

Such employees are responsible for arranging the company’s paper documentation. They should organize and store various data. This job implies good computer skills. If you feature such abilities, you can make from $14 to $17 per hour.

Brand Associate

It’s profitable and creative job since you are involved in bringing a brand to life for the company’s customers. If you manage to be an expert in product and deliver a best-in-class customer experience, you will make up to $16 hourly.

General manager

The main task is to build policies and control daily operations. Besides, you should be able to develop strategies and set budgets. In addition to such advanced degrees as an MBA, leadership abilities are also crucial to handle a job and get up to $123,880 annually.

IT manager

Do you feel competent enough to plan and direct the computer-related functions of a business? If yes, this position is right for you. Note that you will control computer systems analysts and other related specialists. That’s why it’s necessary not only to be a guru in techs but also to be able to communicate with the team. In this case, your reward is $152,860 per year.


New financial laws and regulations appear constantly and sometimes make a mess in business documents. That’s why all the companies need help in order not to get lost in the wild of finances. If you’re ready to make documents and operations run efficiently, you’ll get on average $78,820 annually.

Market research analyst

Can you understand the customer’s behavior and even read their thoughts? So, you’re able to build and implement a highly-effective marketing strategy. Your duties will include research consumer demographics and buying habits. You should have strong analytical skills and monitor statistics to succeed in this niche. This will allow earning $70,960 annually.

In conclusion

When getting the information about the most popular office jobs, it’s time to compare the list with your skills and abilities and, maybe, to attend job-focused training in order to get the position that will change your life forever and become the starting point of an amazing career.

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