Top 10 Tips To Choose The Right Facility For Your Loved One

One of the key decisions you will make for your loved one is selecting the correct assisted living facility. So here is a list of 10 things to look for in your visit. Based on your need you can choose which factor is important for you.

1. Fresh & Clean

Make sure to look into corners and behind baseboards & windows to see if the facility is clean. Check how many days your personal area is cleaned in a week. If repairs are required, then how long does it take to fix it? Ask for details like laundry process, and the cost for these services.

2. Smell the facility

Yes that is right, look for odours in the facility. If it exists in one place, it may be a single incident. However, if it’s all pervasive throughout the building, then ask for an explanation. Lack of cleaning/sanitisation may be the reason.

3. Friendly staff

The behaviour of the staff is important to your decision making. Observe them as they interact with the existing residents. Find out how many staff are available per shift, and how many of them are there for resident care. The ratio of staff to residents should be equitable. Introduce yourself to the management people, to understand what kind of service they want to deliver.

4. Tour during an event

Ask & arrange to tour while an event is happening at the facility. Check to see if you can watch or participate in the event. Find out if they are well attended, enjoyed by staff and residents alike. Find out the events calendar to see if gels with your loved one’s hobbies. It is nice if some events are trips away from the facility. Finally also ensure that they have provision for religious services.

5. Check outside areas

Find out if the outdoor areas are open for events and residents. If it is safe, secure and is well looked after?

6. Have their food

Food is an essential part of your loved one’s experience at the facility. Find out about, types of food offered, hours, procedures and options available. Have at least one meal there, to taste the food, and also to interact with the residents. Remember to ask for options if residents are not able to make it to the dining room.

7. Check for security

To have peace of mind ensure that the security is up to date. Bathrooms should be accessible and have grab bars. In case of emergency how will it be dealtwith? Find out how they manage the medication requirements for the residents.

8. Personal Care

Find out during the tour regarding personal care, check for specifics. Find out what are the bathing options, especially if the resident is disabled in any form. Observe the other residents at the facility, to see if they are groomed well with clean nails and hair.

9. Moving out

As a senior citizen it is difficult to move out frequently. Hence ask in advance under what circumstances residents would have to move out. Enquire about what notice period is required by both parties for moving out.

10. Trust Instincts

Finally always trust your instincts. When you tour with your loved one, see if you feel comfortable and at ease? Trust your heart, if it feels off then don’t go there.

Today’s guest post is contributed by Mathew Lee, a healthcare expert. He feels that the luxurious assisted living facilities is a good way to ensure that your loved ones are safe and well cared for even in your absence.