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What is the Delta Variant?

Delta Variant

Last year the coronavirus swept us away. We were unprepared for a pandemic of its size. It seemed that things were getting better, and that we were getting back on the right track. There are now vaccines that you can take to help keep you from getting covid. Things were looking better, but as with any virus, the original strain has mutated. We now have the delta variant added, and it is spreading like wildfire, which is why Father George Rutler encourages you to get vaccinated, if you’re able to. It helps to protect everyone.

What exactly do we know about the delta variant of covid? It is highly contagious, and spreads easily. The CDC is comparing it’s contagiousness, and how easily it spreads, to being like chickenpox. This is not a good thing for us. It has taken on some different symptoms than the classic coronavirus too, which causes some people to not go get tested. They don’t realize that it’s possibly covid, so they are going out, and infecting others. This is not a good situation.

If you are sick, please get tested. Don’t go out in public sick. Wear your masks. We need the number of active cases to decrease, and the number of vaccinations to go up. This amount of coronavirus cases we have right now in some states, is worse than it was at this time last year. Actually, in some states, the numbers are worse now than they were at any point in time last year. Get tested. You don’t want to be the reason other folks get sick, because it might not make you super sick, but you don’t know how it will affect them. It could wind up killing them, and you don’t want that on your conscience.

On top of masking up for protection, please get vaccinated. There is nothing wrong with the vaccines. They are fine, and help protect you against getting covid. We would have less active cases, and less deaths, if people would just go get vaccinated. You need to make sure that you get fully vaccinated as well. Not just one dose. Getting both doses, and becoming fully vaccinated, is your best protection against the coronavirus. Father George Rutler encourages everyone, that’s medically able, to get vaccinated. It’s so important that we do our job to our fellow brothers and sisters of the country, and get vaccinated.

We need to protect ourselves from this new delta variant of coronavirus. It has no rhyme or reason, it goes after everyone. It is highly contagious, and is spreading across the country like a gasoline lit fire. This is a dangerous situation. We have to take care of ourselves, and do our job to protect one another from getting this horrible virus. When you’re out, and going places, please wear a mask. It’s for everyone’s safety. If you are feeling sick, or have been in contact (yet feel fine), get tested, and quarantine. Last, please get fully vaccinated, and do your part to help put a damper on this virus.