What to Do If You Find a Breast Lump

Looking for breast lumps is extremely important and is something that should be done regularly. Most of the time, when a woman or man finds a lump in their breast tissue it is benign, meaning that the lump is not cancerous. Being aware of what to look for and what to do once you find a lump will help in diagnosing and fighting cancer from an early stage. Here is what you need to do following a breast lump find.

How to Search for a Breast Lump

You can self-examine yourself at any time but knowing what to look for enables you to tell the difference between normal breast tissue and a lump that needs to be checked out. When searching for lumps, it is important to remember that your breast tissue also runs underneath the armpit and, therefore, this is a vital area that should not be missed. For more information on how to check for breast lumps, check out this essential guide from WebMD. This can take a few minutes out of your day and can even be done whilst showering.

What to Do Next

If you find a breast lump, the first thing to remember is not to panic. This is easier said than done as finding a lump can be very daunting, but lumps can occur for many reasons and this doesn’t necessarily mean cancer. Lumps are common in those going through puberty, especially when the breast tissue is still growing and forming, or a lump may form if you have a breast infection or abscess. It is still important to get these checked out and you should never be embarrassed to do so. Book an appointment with your doctor and ask for a same-sex doctor if it makes you feel more comfortable. You can also ask for a nurse to accompany you during the examination.

Getting a Second Opinion

Unfortunately, one of the largest medical malpractice claims is regarding breast lumps that are diagnosed wrongly. If you visit your doctor and they tell you the lump is nothing to worry about and you are not happy with this, get a second opinion. This is your body, so it is always worth a second opinion if you don’t feel comfortable with your diagnosis. If you or a loved one has been misdiagnosed and a breast lump missed, Friedman & Friedman medical malpractice lawyers can help. The sooner a breast lump is confirmed as cancerous, the earlier the stage of cancer and the easier it is to be removed. Whilst dealing with cancer is very difficult if you have been misdiagnosed you deserve compensation for your misdiagnosis.

Finding a breast lump can be a very scary situation and so getting a diagnosis quickly can help put your mind at ease and ensure any treatment can be started immediately. Remember, both men and women can find breast lumps and can develop breast cancer, so checking your breasts regularly is vital.