A Complete Guide to Buying Medicine Online

Say goodbye to long queues in the drug store by buying medicine online. The internet has a paved way to e-commerce and a lot of online transactions. Today, you can order goods via your computer or phone and have them delivered at your doorstep.

You no longer have to walk around from one pharmacy to the next to buy drugs. However, this does not mean that you can buy medicine without prescriptions not unless they are over the counter. Good online pharmacies still require one to have a prescription when buying some drugs and these are the regulations set by the FDA.

You need to know how to buy drugs online so that you do not end up with fake or substandard products that can harm you. We have put together some tips that will guide you on how to purchase medicines online.

1. The Pharmacy Should Be Licensed

Online pharmacies still require a government approved a license to operate in that particular area. Check if the online drug store has a license to sell and deliver in the state that you are in. This guarantees quality.

2. Only Buy from a Pharmacy That Asks for a Prescription

There are drugs that cannot be bought without a prescription even in the traditional pharmacy setting. If the online pharmacy that you are buying from does not ask you for a prescription, then that is absolutely a red flag. With a prescription, you are sure that you will buy the right and genuine drug and in their right dosage. There is no other way around this.

3. Never Purchase Drugs That You Do Not Know

You might be putting yourself at a risk by buying medicine that you are not sure of. Over the counter drugs are quite tricky, especially if an online store is suggesting an alternative that you do not know.

A good store such as kiwi drug should have the drugs clearly displayed on the page. This online pharmacy has the drug, its strength, and price clearly displayed. You will always be sure of what you are buying.

4. Check if the Website Has the VIPPS Seal

VIPPS stands for Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites. If the online pharmacy has this seal on their website, then you know it is not operating illegally and can be trusted. The seal means that the site has been screened and approved by NABP.

5. Avoid Buying Drugs from a Foreign Website

Drug information and dosage vary in different countries. Do not put yourself at risk by buying from a foreign country. It might be the same drug but might not have the same strength as the one that you are used to taking.

Stick to buying only from your country and from a trusted online drug store.

6. When Buying Medicine Online, Ask Questions

Online drug stores are operated by a qualified pharmacist. To confirm this, ask any questions that you have concerning the medicine that you are buying. If you are not satisfied with the answers, move on to another pharmacy.

7. Look at Privacy Policies

Privacy is very important, especially in the medical industry. The online pharmacy should have privacy and security settings clearly listed on their website. You do not want a case where your personal information is shared or sold without your approval.

8. Check the Expiry Date

A good store will clearly display the expiry date of the drugs that they are selling. You need not ask for this information. Buy the most recently manufactured medicine.

9. Be on the Lookout for Crazy Offers

Quality and genuine drugs are never sold with an offer. If the website is trying to convince you with offers, you need to think twice about buying anything from them. A good online pharmacy does not have to bribe you into thinking that they are good.

10. Customer Support Is Key

A genuine pharmacy should be able to assist you while you are buying the medicine. They should be also available to offer any assistance post-purchase. Today, online pharmacies have 24hr live customer support.

Bonus Tips

When you are buying over the counter medicine, be sure to give the right age, weight, and gender, so that you can be given the right dosage. Now that you know what to look for in an online pharmacy, you can rest knowing that you will land on a safe one. Is left to do is to make your order following these steps:

Select the medicine that you need
Provide a valid prescription if the drug is not sold as on over the counter. A valid prescription should bear the signature and licensing number of a medical practitioner
Provide the delivery address
Choose payment mode and make your payment
Relax and wait for the medicine to be delivered.
Never forget to confirm the drugs delivered to you if they are what you had ordered.

Do not share any of your personal information online. Keep your social security number, credit card information, and your medical information to any online pharmacy unless you are absolutely sure that they are safe.

Should they ask you for such information, then you have the right to report them to relevant authorities. Never be in a hurry to buy medicine online. First, do your homework well, read reviews if any and confirm the validity of the drug store before making a purchase.

Safety Comes First When Buying Medicine Online

Taking the wrong drugs or wrong dosages is very risky and that is why you need to be very careful when buying medicine online. Remember your safety starts with you.

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