Why Dogs Are The Best Pets

Ever since man started keeping pet as a companion, dogs have quickly become the best pet there is. Every dog owner admits that the loyalty of a dog is matchless. No other pet has the same level of respect, care and love for its owner. That’s why we should also take special care to find our pups healthy yet cheap dog food options!

We’re all familiar with the adage “a dog is man’s best friend”. So if you could give your puppy a healthy head start, you’d do it, right? Of course, you would! Treating them into petboxsubs will definitely make them smile, not only that the pet boxes also contain healthy foods and toys that are only meant for them. Because seriously, who doesn’t want their best friend around for as long as possible?

But for dogs, you will have the perk of being in a two way relation of mutual care. Dogs have shown to go as far as sensing your mood emotions. In a time of need or depression, dogs can sense you’re down and be there for you. In this era of modernization, mental health issues are just as problematic as physical ailments. People are falling into depression, anxiety, bipolar swings and so much more at an increasing rate. The blame lies on the society as it puts so much pressures on us. Job, finances, relationships (past, present and future); all these sorrows are consuming us from within. In such difficult times, the care of your mental health by far exceeds all other worries. If you have a sound mind in a sound body, you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

Luckily, in all the stress of the world, dogs only have a few focuses, which include you, food, and play. No one is denying the role of medical help, but to solidify therapy sessions, you must have a welcoming and nurturing environment at your home. Humans sometimes fail to understand and co-operate with other peers with mental health issues. Fights, arguments, even little disagreement over the tiniest of issues can aggravate and worsen the mental health of a person. So dogs really come in handy in such a situation. They are the most amazing listeners. A dog will not argue with you nor will it offer unnecessary solutions to your problems.

When you just want someone to understand and absorb all that you say, your dog will be there for you. Its loving eyes and happy grin will melt your heart with love.

Dogs also help with anxiety and related mental health issues. Stress and anxiety often lead to high blood pressure. It’s been shown that dog owners are more active than non dog owners because dogs require walks and physical activity for at least an hour a day. This leads to better blood pressure and an increase in serotonin levels.

Studies also show that just touching a dog can help with heart rate levels Playing fetch with your dog, going on walks, giving treats or simply kissing and cuddling them can turn out to be constructive activities for an anxious person. Even many therapists use dogs during sessions to help calm their patients. The presence of a dog can help patients in sharing more confidently. Some therapists also recommend getting a dog as a part of their treatment regimen.

In a nutshell, humans need companionship. We are a social animal. And in this age of anxiety and mental health problems, having dogs can be extremely helpful. Regardless if your dog is small or large, calm or active, they can give us simplistic relationships without the complications of normal relationships. Dogs help us create good habits and schedule our lives, giving us a little more purpose each day. They make the environment of a home more welcoming and loving. And thus dogs help in preventing mental health issues and reducing them.”