Why Your Skin Care Ingredients Matter

When was the last time you read the ingredients on your shampoo or your hand lotion? If you don’t suffer from any skin allergies, sensitivities, or are living a cruelty-free lifestyle you may never read the ingredients on such products, but you should be.

You need to care for the outside of your body just as much as you need to care for the inside. You eat healthy foods (at least sometimes), so why not use healthy products? Your skin absorbs the things you put on it, so strange ingredients that may be made from dangerous products could be damaging your skin permanently, and could even be putting toxins into your bloodstream.


Makeup and other skin care products can contain allergens. Even people with issues eating gluten may want to try to cut back on skin care products that contain gluten. Once you make the change you may notice less itching and fewer rashes.

Pay attention to the reaction of your skin to certain products and make an appointment with an allergist if you are having issues with hives, itching, and rashes. You can then pinpoint exactly what you are allergic to and be able to shop wiser when it comes to skin care. You may need to shop at stores that specialize in beauty and skincare products to find allergen-free items, but it will be worth it.


Your redness and rashes may have nothing to do with allergies. You could simply be sensitive to a product. You may also find that your product has some sort of acid in it, which could be causing your problems. These are popular ingredients found in anti-aging products.

If you do have sensitive skin you will want to look for products that contain natural ingredients only, which can sometimes be extra soothing as well. You also should buy things that specifically say for sensitive skin on them, which means that they will often have soothing properties in them to help keep you from itching or getting blotches of redness.

From Head To Toe

Itchy skin can be relieved with a nice oatmeal bath and some lavender oil. It soothes rashes and itching, and so does Epsom salts. Whether you had an allergic reaction or just some skin sensitivity, a nice soothing bath can be great for anyone.

You should also try to protect the earth with your skin care purchases. The more natural the ingredients the better they are for the environment, and for you. Shopping for products that are free from animal testing is also a good thing to do!

Don’t neglect your skin just for the sake of beauty. Instead, look for products that can help your skin be healthier, and in turn, help you be happier.