Your rights if your breast cancer was missed by your doctor

Having your breast cancer, or any type of cancer, missed by your doctor is devastating. Early diagnosis directly correlates to chances of recovery and the emotional and physical impacts of a delay can be life-changing.

If a delayed diagnosis has happened to you or a family member, it is important to know your rights, as you could be entitled to compensation both for unnecessary suffering caused and financial losses. You may have a case if any of the following circumstances, which prove that negligence has occurred, apply to your diagnosis and treatment.

Misdiagnosis by your doctor

Whether by your GP when you initially approach them about breast cancer symptoms or a hospital doctor after being referred, a dismissal or misdiagnosis of your symptoms gives you the right to make a claim. There are many different forms this can take: they may not have taken your concerns seriously; not ordered the right tests; diagnosed you with a less serious condition, or simply missed signs of breast cancer all together.

Misinterpreted test results

Your doctor may have followed the right steps initially by running tests to evaluate your symptoms, such as ultra-scans and biopsies. Unfortunately, results can be misinterpreted, and breast cancer can be missed at this stage too, with patients told they have less serious conditions and offered treatment, all while their cancer develops.  

Delayed or cancelled appointments

It is not always an individual doctor who is at fault; sometimes your GP surgery or hospital may continually cancel or delay appointments. A timely diagnosis is crucial in treating breast cancer, so weeks and months of delays can massively affect the potential for recovery. This counts as negligence and if it has been your experience, you have a right to compensation.

If you are still unsure about your rights after breast cancer has been missed or misdiagnosed by your doctor, speak to an expert who can offer support and guidance.