10 Most Common Qualifying Conditions Medical Marijuana is Prescribed For

Are you in pain or suffering from a genetic disorder? Do you want to know which qualifying conditions will get you a medical marijuana prescription? 

Over a million Americans have a prescription for medical marijuana. Of that population, many were in constant pain or discomfort before receiving treatment. If you’re looking to end your discomfort as well, it’s time you found out which conditions qualify for a prescription. 

If you want a full list of conditions, keep reading for the information you need to know.

A Brief Preface 

Although medical marijuana has been legalized in plenty of states, there are still some that have few or none qualifying conditions for a legal prescription. For example, Alabama only allows treatment for certain epileptic conditions. 

That said, many states understand medical marijuana benefits and will do a lot to make sure your pain or illness is treated properly. Below is a broad list of the conditions medical marijuana treats and that you can get recommended by your doctor depending on your residency. 

1. Cancer

Almost every state that allows medical marijuana treatment has an allowed qualification for cancer patients. You can find the full list of legal states online. 

Medical marijuana is proven to lower pain levels for most cancer patients. Furthermore, since many forms of cancer cause inflammation and certain strains of marijuana are anti-inflammatory, you can get a prescription for several symptoms present in your diagnosis. 

2. General Pain 

If you have a concrete diagnosis for your pain, enough to point toward the source of your discomfort, you can receive a prescription in many states. This can include anything from intense migraines to deep abdominal discomfort. 

When asked what medical marijuana is prescribed for, you can usually include anything that is coming in the way of living a healthy and painless day to day life. However, in certain states with stricter laws, you will need to be specific about the source and cause of your pain. 


Medical marijuana is proven to ease the symptoms of PTSD in some patients and survivors. There are few mental disorders that qualify if you average prescriptions across the country, but anxiety disorders and strong mental illnesses often qualify. 

If you’re curious about how a prescription process works, you can read more to put away any concerns you have about your specific treatment. 

4. Glaucoma 

Glaucoma is a disorder caused by built-up pressure in your eye. If left untreated, patients can suffer from constant pain, ocular nerve damage, and blindness.

Because of the severity of these symptoms, almost all patients qualify for a medical marijuana prescription. 

5. Nausea 

Nausea is a general symptom that can arise from many diseases and accidents. Since nausea spawns from a number of issues in the brain and body, you will be able to receive a prescription providing you have a viable cause. However, in some states, you will be able to get your treatment regardless of the cause. 

6. Eating Disorders

Eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia, and even those that emerge from cancer are all treatable by medical marijuana.

The reason, as you probably know, is that marijuana boosts a users appetite. You can qualify for treatment if you suffer from any of the problems listed above. 

7. Epilepsy 

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that is life-threatening if left untreated. The causes of epilepsy still elude many researchers, but the modern consensus is that epileptic seizures result from strong and random sensory disturbances in the brain. 

Medical marijuana has been a proven treatment of epilepsy for years and patients still qualify to this day. 

8. Schizophrenia

Resulting from the environment, genetics, and neurology of a patient, schizophrenia is a mental illness that can make it nearly impossible to exist in everyday society. 

Schizophrenia is a life-altering mental illness that can ruin lives unless properly treated. Marijuana is a more recent yet effective treatment for some patients, making schizophrenia a qualifying condition for a prescription.  

9. Chron’s Disease

Chron’s disease is a repeated inflammation of your intestines and digestive system. The condition results in difficulty passing healthy bowel movements, pained digestion, and ulcers. If left untreated, a sufferer can experience deterioration of their digestive system that continues for the rest of their life. 

If you have Chron’s Disease, you likely suffer from many types of pain and discomfort. Medical marijuana can ease your symptoms unlike many options available today. You qualify for treatment in this case in almost every legal state. 

10. Multiple Sclerosis 

Multiple sclerosis can cause pain, blurred vision, and even tremoring. If you have this diagnosis, you already know that MS feels untreatable at times. Recent improvements in policy and medical research lead us to believe that medical marijuana is a safe treatment for MS but not a solution. 

You qualify for medical marijuana if you suffer from MS in almost every state that has legalized marijuana. 

Medical Marijuana as a Modern Medicine 

Millions of Americans are in pain or suffering from some form of a discomforting disorder. Now that the U.S. policies on marijuana legalization have loosened their grip, many states will help you achieve a better balance in your life, no questions asked. 

Still, there are many cases where a vague or ambiguous disorder goes untreated. That said, make sure you research your symptoms and study health trends as you undergo treatment or get a diagnosis. 

One of the key ways to do this is to stay updated through a high caliber health blog. Your next step to action is easy. Start researching health trends, treatments, and more today!