11 Simple Steps toward Having a Perfect Body without Dieting

For many of us, avoiding pizza or cola is as horrible as a nightmare. We want to freely eat what we like when sitting at a restaurant with our friends. But, being on a diet can hold us back from enjoying our special night out.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, however. The problem with dieting does not end in here. Following those “eat” and “don’t eat” instructions need constant attention and efforts which can take a lot out of you. And, it’s just a temporary thing for losing weight. The moment you stop it, you’re going to gain those killing pounds all over again.

So what now? We’re not trying to encourage you to stop dieting and go back to eating lots of junk foods. Our intention here is to help you get rid of those pounds by simply following a few simple steps we have listed below instead of sticking to a diet which can hardly help you lose fat.

First of all, let us see if you really need to lose weight and whether this guide is beneficial for you.

Do I need to lose weight?

You need to lose weight and get back on the track if your BMI is above 25. Your excess weight can go up and up, causing life-threatening problems including high cholesterol, high blood pressure, type-2 diabetes, joint pain, and sleeping disorders.

If your BMI is above 25 and you don’t happen to have any of the above problems, this guide can help you get in shape. However, for those with a high BMI (above 30) who suffer from any obesity-related problem or those who have tried many times to drop their extra pounds but failed, medicine has something up its sleeve, use a liposuction, tummy tuck, or other surgery.

While it may cost you thousands of dollars to get such surgery done in your country, you can have it done in other places where such procedures are more affordable. Examples include India, Malaysia, or Iran. The quality and affordability of these procedures in either of the countries will blow your mind. For example, believe it or not, having safe liposuction surgery in Iran only costs you 500 USD. This is while you’d have to pay 3,000 USD and more for this procedure anywhere else around the globe.  

Whether you are going to get a surgery or stick to working out for years, the followings will help you not only get your perfect body soon or late but also maintain it without a hitch.

1) Go to bed before 11

To sleep well is the key to a better-functioning body. When you stay up late at night, your body’s metabolism slows down and those naughty calories stay there without burning.

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2) Walk instead of taking a bus or taxi

Not as difficult as going to the gym every single day, walking a few kilometers can go a long way in losing weight. It can get your tummy tight in place while nothing else can do the same.

3) Begin your meal with soup, salad, or vegetables

When you sit on the table with a starving stomach, soup, salad, and vegetable can stop you from eating too much. Due to their water-based nature, they fill you up, leaving a smaller space for the food. Smart? Yeah?

4) Eat slowly and have more probiotics and prebiotics

By chewing your food slowly, you can let your gut have a better life. Also, make sure you’ve added foods having probiotics and prebiotics to your meals.

Probiotics are the good bacterial guys that break down the food, strengthen your immune system, and improve your health. Yogurt, cheese, sauerkraut, etc. do include probiotics, and can help your gut get its work done efficiently.

Prebiotics are also beneficial bacteria which supports immunity, weight control, and body health. Chicory root, onion, garlic, oatmeal, banana, dandelion greens, apple with skin, etc. contain prebiotics. Make sure to have them as much as you can.

5) Say ‘no’ to too much alcohol

It may surprise you but a few beers or glasses of wine contain more calories than 1 gr fat. Drinking alcohol piles on the pounds in a short time. Plus, it makes it more difficult to lose those pounds. Our suggestion? Do consider adding some drink-free days to your calendar.

6) Don’t forget about tea

Drink tea and shed pounds! By this, we don’t mean that you’re going to get back into the size you used to wear before. But you’ll most probably be able to cut down on the calories you’re receiving. Tea helps burn the fat pockets faster and makes you use more calories than ever.

7) Find the kind of exercise you like and add it to your weekly plan

Everybody knows how magically exercising can reduce weight. But not everyone can stick to a regular working out. We recommend you to discover what type of sport or exercise does excite you and to go for it. This way, you won’t give it up very easily.

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8) Be careful about salt

This is where less is better. If you want to rock a healthier weight, eat foods with low sodium such as fruits, legumes, and raw nuts, and escape having salt on the table (this article is also useful).

9) Hands off from sugar

It’s just obvious that people who have more sugar-based eating habits tend to weigh more. Try to eat sugar and sugar-based products as less as possible.

10) Only eat food at the table

If you’re one of those who are used to walk around the house and stop by the refrigerator every single hour and eat something, you should know it’s the main source of your middle fat. And by the middle fat, we mean those unpleasant pockets around your love handles, butt, or thighs. Quit this habit and eat food only at the table.

11) Get a cosmetic procedure

This is the quickest way to get a shapelier body. There are tons of cosmetic surgeries people are undergoing to make their appearance look better. You can get the excess fat on your thighs removed with a liposuction procedure and, if you like, you can have a Brazilian Butt Lift at the same time, which involves injecting your own fat into your buttocks. Learn more about butt lift surgery.