14 Signs Your Husband Wants to Leave You

Maintaining a healthy marriage full of vigor and love is not always easy. Differences arise from waking up, going to shower before the other party does, and other insignificant reasons which, if avoided, marriage can remain the best thing that ever happened to the beholders.

Such differences grow to become significant issues if a husband may feel that detaching from the wife could solve the problems.

The wife may find that suddenly, no kindness is being experienced as before, and the husband wishes to have time alone, whenever around. Besides, the flowers that could be brought occasionally are no longer delivered, and the sign of appreciation is no longer felt.

When men behave like this, in most cases, conflicts, which can give leeway to moving out of the house, will arise. The wife may try the best to maintain a good relationship, but once the husband has made up his mind to leave, it is difficult to keep him.

There are several changes that you get to experience, which makes you suspect that your husband wants to leave you.

Below are some signs on how to tell if your husband wants a divorce and what to do to avoid him from leaving. One caution to keep in mind is; act before it’s too late to regret.

1. Opening different types of accounts without your knowledge

The husband may suddenly start distributing the family money in different types of accounts and open a secret personal account where the wife does not understand its existence.

If you find out that the checks and balances regarding the financial situation are not balancing; this is a red flag that he has plans to leave soon.

Therefore, it is important to know the financial position in the family and enquire with wisdom about the whereabouts of the discrepancies. 

However, endeavor to know where the accounts are and have the freedom to access them. This will hinder him from spending or hiding any finances from you.

2.   Cheating constantly

When men cheat, they blame the wife, claiming that she is a dictator, jealous, or even mistrustful.

The more he continues to cheat, the more likely the urge of cheating increases, the more he feels the urge to leave home.

The wife may get confused for the hunger sex drive portrayed any time the husband gets home, but mostly, they are not out for quality sex but quantity.

As a wife, one may feel bruised, hurt, and lose trust with a cheating husband. But it’s essential to engage him and get to understand what challenges he is going through in life.

Look for any issues that you may cause him going out and ask for forgiveness.

A counselor can still step in and assist in the best way possible to ensure you are back together again as a complete family.

3.   Arguing about everything

According to CompleteCase, endless arguments are a sign that your husband wants a divorce. He may be using it to look for a way of giving up on the relationship and consequently break the marriage. It’s healthy to argue once in a while, but endless arguments will only bring things out of proportion.

If you find such incidences like three times a week, this could be another sign that he wants to walk away. As a woman, try to avoid unnecessary noise. Instead, resolve issues more maturely. The humility he receives from you will defeat him.

4.  Withdrawing any emotional connection and affection towards one another

Whenever a husband shows no sign of love towards the wife, this is a clear sign that he has already moved on. The only thing left is to walk out physically from the marital home.

Emotional disconnection arises because of having several unsolved issues, and when they continue to recur, hatred sets in, and the sense of intimacy is withdrawn.

Before things get to an uncontrollable state, ensure to rebuild your marriage through resolving such issues that have been contested over time. Maybe the husband was looking for a chance to feel loved and appreciated. And thus, the affection that had been lost would start building once again.

5.    Spending time away from the family

When a husband wants to leave you, he will look for many reasons to be away from home, build other relationships somewhere outside where he feels more comfortable.

However, if the wife finds out that her husband is no longer interested in spending time at home, she can try to engage him with the activities he loves.

Show him affection and love even when he doesn’t love back.

There is still a soft spot about the good side of you, and if the affection towards him is clear, he will most likely forget about places he has been visiting and come back home more and more to enjoy spending his time with you.

6.    Lack of communication

We could term this as ignorance. Especially, if the husband knows well that the relationship is heading to the rocks, but he is still not willing to communicate to resolve the issue.

You may raise an issue that requires his attention, but he can be totally uninterested.

Nevertheless, try to control your emotions, never raise a voice, and things will get better.

7.   Non-committal in-home development

When the husband thinks about leaving, he may not commit himself to develop his home, to buying assets such as land or even taking a mortgage.

He can refuse to buy something simply because he may contemplate the date of leaving. It is not a good sign, indeed. 

8.   Lack of sexual desire

One ingredient of a durable marriage is having an intense sexual attraction. According to onlinedivorce.com, when there is no intimacy between the couple, the sexual desire fades away, and eventually, the marriage ends up in a crisis. The husband may keep complaining, even annoy you with that. And as a result, you end up having no sex at all.

This can be an overlooked sign that brings a marriage down quickly.

As a wife and woman, try to regain your sexuality. Think of what has made you love and want your husband. Your man will definitely appreciate that.

9.    Having a “just friends attitude”

If the husband has a friend whom he says is “just a friend,” then this could be a cause to worry. The so-called friend has a high chance of being attached to him emotionally. And if he receives more care from her than from you, then the chances of leaving you for her are very high.

Whenever the signs of affection are noted in the other party, talk it over before things turn wild and ensure that that other woman keeps off from him.

Surround him with what he has been missing in you. This can be a road path of recovery to your happy marriage.

10.  Persistent threats about leaving

There are no perfect families. Differences and conflicts arise, and when fighting back, the husband may keep on saying that one day, he will leave you.

Whenever there are such persistent threats, it’s good to take care and watch out because the mouth speaks of what is in the heart.

Discuss it and address the issues to avert such pronouncements.

11.  Living separate lives

The thought of your husband hanging out with friends daily is a sign to prove that one day, he might walk out forever.

This is a sign that should not be taken for granted.  If you have someone to talk to (like other experienced couple or a counselor), do so. But remember that you also need to start talking to each other. Initiate the discussion not only of the problems that you have but also what are the good things you both are experiencing.

12.  The husband no longer cares about the wellbeing of the family

If the husband stops caring about the family, in terms of financial provision, taking a vacation together, this is a bad sign that eventually, he will leave you. 

Notice, it’s important to examine yourself, as well as his behavior, to understand the reasons he no longer takes responsibility for his family. 

For instance, the wife can support herself and she is always very loud about that. The husband may feel unwanted and keep away from family affairs. This should not be the case. Give the husband the respect he deserves and he will take up the roles as expected; otherwise, he will leave to a place where he will command respect. Try the best and avert all the reasons your husband wants to break the marriage.

13. Hitting a brick wall

If, for example, your husband no longer has feelings for you, he cares less while addressing you negatively to his friends, even in your presence; the chances are that he is planning to leave soon.

With this in mind, it’s essential to check on areas that led him to disrespect you. For instance, if you are a housewife who entirely depends on him, look for a job and support him financially. 

This can overturn hard things and your relationship will improve.

14. Blaming you for the wrong things at all times

When your husband blames you for everything that happens, be it your walking style, the way you pronounce words, and even how you clean the house, it could be a blame game to push you.

Eventually, he gets a leeway to moving out.

As a wife, such kind of intimidation should not make you lose hope. Instead, remain persistent towards your marriage and work towards those issues that the husband is blaming you for.

When he notices changes, he may feel like you have been listening to him and actually appreciate that.


To salvage the marriage, do what you ought to do to ensure that the marriage works. Divorce is an expensive process that leaves hearts grieved and in pain. Avoid it at all costs possible and try the best to maintain a healthy relationship, not only for you but for the sake of your children.

Therefore, when you find the signs that your husband wants a divorce, do not keep quiet to watch things unfold, watch out, and look for solutions to salvage your marriage as a wife.