Category: Relationships

  • Why You Should Stop Looking For Your “Type”

    “He’s really nice–he’s just not my type.” We’ve all been there: Someone sets you up on a blind date with a nice guy/girl, and though the date goes well, the person is really nice, and you have enough to talk about, there just seems to be something missing. Maybe they’re not as attractive as you’d […]

  • 6 Tips to Build a Stronger Marriage

    When you meet the love of your life, everything seems to fall into place. But as time goes on, and the marriage ensues, the honeymoon phase deteriorates and the real relationship struggles begin. Don’t worry. Every marriage faces obstacles. But the couples that last put in the time and effort it takes to build a stronger marriage. How? […]

  • 10 Matching Gift Ideas For Couples

    No matter what the occasion may be—whether it be the holidays or an anniversary—it’s always a good time to gross out your friends and family with disgustingly cheesy couple’s gifts. Of course, the only way to max out your cheesiness is to get stuff that matches. Gift any of these adorable items to yourself or […]