3 Essential Reasons to Be Seen By a Doctor After a Dog Bite

Dog bites often happen within and outside our homes. It may seem unnecessary to see a doctor, but you should seek medical care immediately. A dog bite can be very infectious, especially if it has gotten into your skin. Dogs are full of germs from wandering around and eating things all over.

Signs that you should see a doctor immediately include intense pain, excessive loss of blood, unclear rabies vaccine history, leakage of pus, red and swollen skin, and exposed tendons.

1- Possible Contraction of Rabies

Rabies contraction is one of the most important reasons to see a doctor after a dog bite. It is wiser to see a doctor when bitten by a dog, especially across the street where you do not know the owner. With immediate medical care, rabies can be prevented. Although it is a requirement by the law to have all dogs vaccinated for rabies, you may never know if everyone can follow the need.

If the doctor believes in seeing a reasonable concern of rabies contraction, you will receive the vaccine in four injections overtime plus a rabies immune globulin injection.

2- It is in Your Best Interest

Medical practitioners can access the extent of the damage that you may not be able to see with your naked eyes. Dog bites have different levels of severity, and you may not have the best judgment. Doctors provide a diagnosis and a treatment.

You can only get some of the treatments you may need through a physician, such as stitches which are better done by the physician and can eliminate any possible risk of infection. Other treatments include bandages and medications. Over-the-counter medications are not in your best interest, but you will get to lower your risk of infection.

3- Having a Doctor Can Help Build Your Potential Case

If the damage is significant, you can report the dog owner to law enforcement and build a case with a lawyer. A doctor can verify that the damage was caused and inflicts pain on the patient. Seeking a doctor immediately after the dog bite will provide you with the proof needed from your medical records, a testimony of the doctors, photos of your injuries, dates of appointments, prescribed medications, and imaging scan results.

If your case is good and wins, the dog owner can be obliged to cover your medical bills, pain, suffering, and lost income. Dog bites are very expensive to treat; therefore, seeking a doctor can help you get compensated. You will also get paid if you have lost income due to the impairment the dog has brought on you.

Dog bites can be scary and cause trauma and severe health complications. Ensure your dogs have received the rabies vaccine and stay away from other dogs. After seeking medical care, make sure to follow all the doctors’ instructions. Do not stop taking the medication even if you feel okay, and do not miss any of your follow-up appointments.