3 Safety Tips for Transporting Chemicals by Vehicle

3 Safety Tips for Transporting Chemicals by Vehicle

Chemical transportation is an integral part of our modern world, with an advanced and rapidly growing industry. Chemicals are transported from one location to another via train, vehicle, or boat. Despite modern scientific advances, the transportation of chemicals remains dangerous as these items are highly regulated by governmental agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Transport Canada in Canada. One must also be aware of these regulations when transporting chemicals for personal use with their cars or trucks and avoid putting themselves up for possible criminal charges. Chemicals should be transported by EPA regulations requiring one to contact their regional EPA office to see if local statutes regulate the transportation of chemicals.

1. Use a Company Who Specializes in Chemical Transportation

A company that specializes in chemical transportation is the best way to go. Every chemical is different and requires specific safety measures when being transported. A company specializing in transportation will adhere strictly to the EPA regulations and ensure that your chemicals are adequately guarded, kept at their proper temperature, and properly transported. It is not just the EPA; the company will also have to abide by any law the state you are in imposes on chemical transportation.

2. Use a Chemical Cartridge Container

There are many containers for transporting chemicals, such as plastic, glass, and metal containers, but I recommend using a plastic container. Most people are unaware that certain chemicals can be dissolved in certain plastics, which can seriously damage your car or truck if you do not know. The best container to use is a chemical cartridge container. It will separate your chemical from the rest of the cargo in your vehicle, so you do not have to worry about chemical corrosion. It has a safety seal that unauthorized personnel cannot tamper with.

3. Make Sure Your Chemical is Properly Labeled

Even transporting a non-hazardous material, you can still skip this step! All chemicals must be appropriately labeled to avoid criminal charges and, most importantly, avoid releasing harmful chemicals into our environment if they somehow break under your watch. I recommend using the proper hazmat labels to avoid any confusion. It is best to use the EPA labels, but if you need more time, the brands you receive with your chemicals will suffice. Proper labeling of your chemicals is imperative.

Chemical transportation is a complex process, especially regarding EPA regulations, and it is essential to know what you are doing when transporting chemicals. Securely transporting these items and sticking to the EPA regulations will help prevent any unnecessary damage or criminal charges for carelessly transporting chemicals.

As with everything, be careful and double-check and contact your regional EPA office to see if local statutes regulate chemical transportation in your area. Remember that a good amount of chemicals can damage your car or truck. The best container for transporting chemicals is a chemical cartridge, which will keep your chemical separated from the rest of the cargo in your vehicle and has a safety seal that cannot be tampered with by unauthorized personnel.