3 Things you can Use a Dry Snorkel For

Snorkeling is perhaps one of the oldest aqua activities. People that live close to rivers, lakes and ocean have been exploring habitats that are usually found beneath deep waters for centuries. Before the invention of dry snorkel, the activity could only be done by experienced snorkelers and those that could afford to buy air cylinders. This actually made difficult for snorkelers to remain in deep waters for long. Dry snorkels have actually come as a game changer.

The tool has a valve that shuts itself automatically when you go the deep end of water, allowing you to breathe as usual but like a whale. The only difference is that you don’t have to come out of water. Besides that, the tool is small is size, meaning you carry it to wherever you are going. However, most people assume that dry snorkel can only be used while snorkeling. The truth is that the tool can be used in various activities that revolve around water. Here is a list other things that require you to use a dry snorkel.

  1. Underwater Photography

Over the years, people have had an interest in exploring habitats that are found on sea and lake water beds. This is because these habitats have thriving plant and animal species that can’t be found elsewhere. In fact, most people prefer to take photos when they are scuba diving or snorkeling. Even if you have a waterproof camera, it would not be easy to take photos without a snorkel. This is because you would not be able to hold your breath for long. With a snorkel, you can capture as many images as you can without having to rush the process. However, you have to do your thing in clear waters or you will end up with poor quality images. As a matter of fact, you should take such pictures at mid day when there is adequate light that can shine through deep waters. If you want to buy a snorkel for your next underwater photography expedition, you can get complete info on scubalist.pro.

  1. Underwater Hockey

You can wear your dry snorkel when playing underwater hockey. In fact, underwater hokey is played just like ice hockey except that the players don’t wear oversize outfits. The sport is also played in an enclosed swimming pool to guarantee on the safety of the players. There are actually two teams with 6 players on each side. The dry snorkel helps the players in carrying on with the play without gasping for air. In fact, every player has to wear the snorkel to be able to remain at the bottom of the pool for at least 20 minutes.

  1. Spear Fishing

Spear fishing is the oldest method of catching fish. It’s ideal in situations where you want to catch a single fish for a one time consumption, especially when camping in the woods. The advantage of spear fishing is that you don’t need a fishing rod or a boat. You simply walk into the bottom of the water and spear the fish that you want to feast on. This means that you don’t have to use any bait or wait for the fish to come to where you are. As long as you are wearing a dry snorkel, you will be able to navigate through reefs without running out of air. To increase your chances of spearing your target, you should avoid aiming at small fish.