4 Reasons why you should take turmeric for nerve pain

Turmeric is a rhizome in the ginger family. You can use the flowering plant as both food seasoning and as a traditional herbal medicine. As an herb, it contains active ingredients that provide relief from painful conditions such as arthritis, migraine headaches, and . Neuropathic pain is one of the most uncomfortable pains. Nerve pain can result from diabetes, chemotherapy, or a host of other sources. Fortunately, nerve pain is treatable. Scientists suggest that eating food rich in lipoic acid, Inositol, and vitamins can relieve nerve pain. This natural remedy takes about 3 to 12 months for the body to heal. The active ingredient in turmeric is called phytochemicals. Besides reducing pain, turmeric also prevents some side effects that come after using conventional painkillers. Here are four reasons why you should take turmeric for nerve pain.

1.A natural Anti-Inflammatory

For most people, inflammation is a red bump. However, inflammation is a physical defence of the body, which helps it to heal naturally. Swelling and redness are the symptoms of the healing process. Compared to some inflammatory drugs, turmeric is more powerful. Turmeric inhibits inflammation at the molecular level. As a result, it prevents the injured part from chronic inflammation, which then helps you to recover and undo any damage.

2.Better Sleep

Turmeric has several mental advantages. You may have probably read or heard that sleep is crucial for recovery. Without adequate sleep, it is almost impossible to complete any task, focus, or excel at anything. Inadequate sleep results in constant stress. Stress inhibits your ability to grow, evolve, and negatively impacts on your overall health. Turmeric reduces the effects of stress by preventing stressors from attacking you. Additionally, it reverses the symptoms of sleep deprivation such as anxiety and oxidative stress.

3.Regrow Damaged Tissue

With the anti-inflammatory and protective properties, turmeric also helps to speed up the healing of damaged tissue. When suffering from nerve, pain, you should try to work your muscles to speed up the re-growth of the damaged tissue. Turmeric improves muscle recovery and increases anti-oxidative activity. Ample sleep and regular workouts will place your mind at the right recovery place.

4.Pain Assistant

Because of its anti-inflammatory effect, turmeric creates a side effect of reduced pain. Research advises that you use turmeric with Black Pepper or Protease Enzyme blend to relieve pain. The herb also prevents cells from excess oxidation, which can cause the COX-2 pain enzyme. Additionally, turmeric stimulates the gallbladder, and release bile. The bile helps your body to break down and digest food. Digested food is then absorbed in the bloodstream thus speeding up the recovery process.

A study in 2013 confirmed that the curcumin content in turmeric promotes the process of cell regeneration in the nerves. People suffering from neuropathy require fast regrowth of damaged cells. People can use turmeric as a spice, or extract the juice from the root. Researchers recommend that you take 30 millilitres of turmeric juice three times a day to relieve pain effectively. In case you still need more information, consider reading the Neuropathy Relief Guide.