4 Reasons Why You Need International Health Insurance

Getting in a medical emergency is probably one of the worst things that can happen to an expatriate. In addition to the possibility of causing the person to suffer long term negative health effects, a medical emergency may also expose expatriates to various logistic issues that will prevent them from getting proper medical treatment. Fortunately, by having international health insurance, an expat can easily work around all these difficulties should the unthinkable happen during their overseas stay.

To be clear, getting an international health insurance from companies like Now Health International won’t only benefit American expatriates or those who are planning to stay in the country for a few years. Such an arrangement can also be of use to anyone who intends to travel outside their country for any period of time: expatriates, entrepreneurs, exchange students, backpackers, and everything else in between. If you’re moving to a place where you can’t expect immediate assistance from your family or friends, having international health insurance should be a serious consideration before leaving. To drive this point home, we’ve assembled a list of reasons why you need this type of insurance:


  • It ensures that you have the best healthcare possible. The harsh reality of healthcare is that standards and quality differ across borders and countries. What may be considered as a standard level of healthcare quality in one country may actually be the most premium in another. By having an international health insurance plan, you are guaranteed the highest quality healthcare that the country you are staying in can offer for your condition or situation. With it, you’ll get the level of care that’s closest to what you can expect to get in your home country.
  • It covers you across countries and borders. You may have an adequate insurance policy in your home country, but it may not cover you across territories or borders. International health insurance follows you and protects you wherever you go, ensuring that you are sufficiently covered for any health emergency no matter the country it may occur in. If your lifestyle or career requires you to travel from country to country on a regular basis, then a global health insurance coverage can allow you to enjoy your trip or vacation as you are meant to.
  • It helps you with your day-to-day medical expenses, not just during emergencies. If you’re planning to stay abroad for a few years to start a new business, to work, or to study, then you may need to see a doctor from time to time for routine checkups. This is especially true if you have preexisting conditions that need to be managed with the help of prescription medicine or medical procedures. Your long stay may also necessitate non-emergency but still important procedures like dental treatment. With international health insurance, you can access expert medical attention even for non-emergency health issues, without needing to wait or shell out your own money.
  • It shields you from unexpected expenses. Medical procedures cost money. If you undergo one in your home country, then it’s likely that you’ll benefit from the discounted rates or services offered by government programs, plus your own local insurance. Undergoing a medical procedure while traveling or staying internationally, on the other hand, is an entirely different matter. It’s likely that the procedure you’ll undergo or medical supplies you’ll use are priced differently. However, if you have international health insurance, you won’t have to think about the cost of the treatment; you only have to focus on your own health and recovery.


Going to a place with a different culture, language, and practice compared to your own is an exciting prospect. But before you leave, make sure you have safety nets that will help you find the assistance you need in case you run into something as unexpected as a medical emergency. Getting international health insurance is a great start in insulating yourself against any unforeseen and unavoidable health crisis when you’re away from home and family.