Category: Health Insurance

  • Not All Pharmacies Are The Same

    When we talk about pharmacies, we think of heading over to the Walmart to drop off a prescription. Others may go to an online pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, or a community pharmacy to obtain their needed medicines. What is often overlooked is the compounding pharmacy! Compounding was the first type of pharmacy and has been a little […]

  • Tips for selecting Health Insurance

    When you start to compare health insurance options you may find yourself feeling like a fish out of water. The language, wording and legal talk can seem extremely intimidating. How are you supposed to know what most of it means when you’re not in the medical profession? The secret truth that most companies don’t want […]

  • November is Diabetes Month – Here’s some tips for dealing with it

    Diabetes is a serious medical condition. In the United States over 30 million people have currently been diagnosed with the disease — that’s nearly ten percent of the population. Doctors and researchers in the field are encouraging diabetics, and prediabetics, to take charge of their condition in the areas of diet and exercise, to insure […]

  • 4 Types of Elder Abuse and Their Signs

    About 1 in 10 Americans over the age of 60 are victims of elder abuse, and only 1 in 14 cases are reported to the authorities. Seniors, particularly those in nursing homes, are more vulnerable to abuse because they are isolated from their loved ones. Many also suffer from mental impairments, like Alzheimer’s disease or […]

  • A Quiz To See If you Know Your Life Insurance Products

    Life insurance is fundamental to your long-term financial plan, and you can purchase life insurance at any age. But, if you wait until you’re older to buy a policy, then your cost will be higher. Also, overall risk such as lifestyle and health also determine your premium. For example, if you use tobacco, then your […]

  • Why Don’t Hospitals Provide an Estimated Cost of your Medical Procedure?

    More than ever consumers are being asked to cover more in health-care costs through increasing premiums, co-pays, and deductibles, and as a result are becoming more cost-conscious. The cost of one in-network procedure alone can fluctuate as much as 400%. The health-care price structure is fairly complex, but consumers are pressing for answers as to […]

  • Vehicle Accidents and Delayed Symptoms: What You Need to Know

    Vehicle accidents can be a traumatic experience, even in times when the crash doesn’t seem too severe. But each person reacts in a different way. For some, mental anguish makes a person unable to focus. Other people involved in the accident may find their thoughts consumed with the recent ordeal. Mental trauma is just one […]

  • Healthy activities to try on vacation

    When you go on vacation, you should need to think too hard about staying in shape. It’s your time to relax, so stressing about your workout regime is a definite no. But, that doesn’t mean that you should be spending your whole vacation lounging around and gorging on local desserts. If you want to stay […]