4 Ways to Be Healthier in 2024

As we find ourselves in a new year, many of us are already setting out to find ways that we can improve ourselves physically and mentally. After all, what better time to start than the beginning of the year? Whether you’re looking to start right away, or you’re thinking about starting in a few weeks, you’re better late than never when it comes to embracing your wellness. Here are some of the best ways that you can be healthier in 2024.

Don’t Forget Mental Health

Many of us are so focused on our physical health that we forget the importance of our mental health. However, our mental health is just as important if not more important than our physical health. After all, we can have a perfectly healthy body, yet, if we’re suffering on the inside and constantly anxious, can you really call yourself “healthy?” 

Health starts on the inside, so make sure that you’re giving yourself whatever you need to be a balanced and content person with all of their needs fulfilled. Often it’s as simple as asking for help when you need it, getting enough sleep, and observing your behaviors. Embrace improvement and do what it takes to be the best version of yourself when it comes to your relationship with yourself and with others.

Walk More

One of the most important things you can do for your physical well-being is to get out and move more. And while not everyone is necessarily motivated to go to the gym, something simple yet effective you can do every day is to walk. Whether you walk to work instead of driving, or take a stroll around the block after dinner, incorporating a little more walking into your routine doesn’t require any special equipment or memberships. 

In other words, there’s no excuse for not getting more physical activity in your life, if you have two working legs and 30 minutes a day to commit to taking a walk.

Eat More Vegetables

One of the biggest reasons why people have trouble losing weight is that they can’t be bothered to count calories. After all it requires a lot of thinking and above all, math. And while it may seem laborious to count calories, lowering your calorie intake is one of the best things you can do if you are overweight. Not only will you feel better and more energized, but you’ll be less susceptible to obesity related conditions like diabetes and heart disease. By incorporating more vegetables into your diet, you’ll automatically reduce your caloric intake as long as you’re replacing unhealthy meals with vegetables. It’s as simple as having a salad instead of a sandwich, or replacing chips with carrot sticks. These simple substitutions can make a world of difference in your overall weekly caloric intake.

Sleep More

Did you know that sleep is good for so much more than just avoiding bags under your eyes, or feeling tired? Sleep is connected to many things about our well-being.  From our mental clarity, to our immune systems, getting more sleep can be incredibly beneficial.