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  • Is Social Media Hurting Your Teen’s Self-Esteem?

    Depression in Teens

    Nowadays, teenagers are prone to depression because of many reasons and factors. They become more vulnerable to emotional problems like depression and pain. As parents, you should understand the feelings and emotions of your children, especially if you recognize some symptoms or signs of depression them.  Depression is a type of common state of mind […]

  • Taking Your Health Seriously: Changes That You Can Make

    The pandemic has caused a number of people to think more seriously about the choices they are making in terms of their health. Underlying health conditions that can be managed could save the life of a person whether they contract COVID or another virus/sickness. Not a single person will regret getting into better health as […]

  • Natural Disasters: How to Keep Your Family Safe Before and After

    The natural disasters that occur around the United States differ in severity. Flooding has been shown to be the most deadly force whether it is associated with a hurricane or just heavy rains. Storm surges have been the culprit of billions of dollars in damage and flooding in areas that never had this issue before. […]