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  • Different Ways to Stay Awake and Boost Alertness Safely

    If you start to feel tired, this is usually a clue that you need to get some sleep. However, sometimes there will be times when you have to stay awake, whether it’s a night shift, a class early in the morning or a sleepover. Your first reaction might be to take caffeine, but this will […]

  • How Running Regularly Can Improve Your Mental Health

    Running is often offered up as a good exercise to remedy various ailments of the mind and body. Almost everybody will have had a friend, relative or even a doctor recommend it to them at some point as a way to feel better. But how and why does it work for people? Here we’ll take […]

  • The Ninja Mindset: Crashing Through Physical and Mental Obstacles like a Bull

    As an exercise physiologist, heath scientist, and parent, I can’t help but be a huge fan of American Ninja Warrior. Having spent much of my life researching the limits of human performance and having had the opportunity to work with world-class athletes in a variety of disciplines, I am fascinated by the inimitable combination of […]

  • Beating the Energy Doldrums

    We all have days when we’re tired and don’t have the energy to take on a busy day. That’s normal! On those days, it’s important to take a little time off, recoup, and then get back up and get going again. One or two days of low energy isn’t an issue. But an extended period […]

  • What Equipment Do I Need for a Home Gym?

    Chances are that you have less space for gym equipment in your home than a public gym has. While it would be nice to mimic the diversity of fitness equipment you can find at your local gym, it will be both financially and physically difficult. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of equipment that can […]

  • 5 Pro Tips for Heavy Training Recovery

    1. Cryotherapy It seems like something straight out of the future: cryotherapy. Cryotherapy, or whole body cryotherapy (WBC) has entered the public spotlight recently as a cutting edge method of muscle recovery for serious athletes and trainers. Cryotherapy super speeds recovery by redirecting blood flow in frigid temperatures of nearly -200 degrees fahrenheit. In reaction […]

  • How To Deepen Your Yoga Practice

    Millions of people around the world have woken up and realized that yoga can literally change their lives. The change process can occur on multiple, intersecting levels with the end result being optimized productivity in the personal and professional settings. Also note that many people who stick with their yoga practice have attained deeper and […]

  • 6 Easy Tips For Gaining Weight & Building Muscle

    Often, when we talk about fitness and getting in shape, we are talking about losing weight. Sometimes, this is not necessary as an individual may be more interested in gaining weight instead of losing it, especially to help build muscle. If you fall into this category, here are six of the easiest tips for gaining […]