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  • 9 Amazing Health and Social Benefits of Skateboarding

    Skating is increasingly becoming a popular sport. The streets and sidewalks are now witnessing skateboarding as a culture and a lifestyle.  From this, we can tell that there are plenty of health and social benefits associated. That is why it keeps attracting many people from year to year.  In this article, we shall discuss the […]

  • Smith Machine Squat: Variations, How-To, Variations, Alternatives

    Smith machine is a strength machine for pumping a large number of muscles throughout the body. It is available in almost every gym. Someone considers it too primitive due to the motionless plane and non-functional due to the fact that it does not build abs. But others build buttocks and legs. The machine is suitable for performing a […]

  • 6 Tricks for Cutting Calories in Your Diet

    While you’ve been busy with life, you realize you’ve gained a few pounds. Perhaps it’s been additional stress or an unexpected change in your routine. Unfortunately, putting on weight seems to take little effort while losing it can be a struggle. It’s easy to lose track of your eating habits. Although getting rid of pounds […]

  • A Healthy Mindset over a Healthy Diet

    2020 is no joke when it comes to the importance of a healthy mind. So much in the world is changing and with that comes a lot of consequences for our health. As many workers transitioned to working from home on a daily basis, many forgot how infrequent the diets could become in doing so. […]

  • Top 5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Health Today

    Easy ways to get more out of your day without spending any money Everybody wants to improve their health, but most are confused on what the best strategies you can start today without disrupting your current routine or lifestyle. Here I break down 5 simple steps for you to start implementing into your day. Sunshine […]

  • Christopher Lee, Buffalo Fitness Expert, Shares Five Exercises to Create a Full-Body Workout with Zero Equipment

    As the future of the coronavirus pandemic remains uncertain, many people opt for at-home workouts. The good news for these individuals is that gym equipment isn’t always needed to get a comprehensive workout without leaving the house. Christopher Lee, Buffalo, New York-based certified personal trainer, has a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science with […]

  • How to Make the Ultimate Steroid Cycle for Great Results

    Steroids are generally taken in cycles and mostly in stacks. Stacks refers to taking multiple of these compounds simultaneously. When using anabolic steroids and other drugs involved, cycling is the best way to do it. Each cycle differs in longevity depending on what you’re using and the level you’re at. You can go for a […]

  • A New Mom's Guide to Postpartum Nutrition

    A New Mom’s Guide to Postpartum Nutrition

    When you’re a new mother, you’re typically dealing with a whirlwind of emotions. Exhaustion is usually at the top of the list. However, when you’re trying to figure out how you’ll manage all of your baby’s needs, you can’t forget about your own needs. This is primarily true regarding your nutrition. Consider some of the […]