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  • Stop smoking weed without withdrawal symptoms in 2018

    Smoking weed is a pleasant pastime for some people and a regular habit for others, but for both groups there may come a time when quitting marijuana completely is on the agenda. Whether that decision is based on financial, social or health concerns it’s not always easy to simply stop without any negative consequences. The […]

  • 15 Proven Ways to Build Muscle

    If you’re looking for the best ways to build muscle mass, you’re in the right place. Here are 15 proven ways. 1. Lift Heavy Weights Muscle needs stimulation to grow. While pumping iron on lower weights, for higher reps, is great for getting a pump (blood in the muscle, causing it to swell and look […]

  • Blogging for Fitness Accountability

    The holidays ended and many of us renewed our commitment to health and fitness. Before we did, we drank a few more eggnogs, ate a few extra slices of pie and dined out or on the run as we shopped and juggled our busy lives. We enter the new year with enthusiasm and energy, but […]

  • Keeping Your Ears Healthy – What You Should Know

    We use our sense of hearing daily, without a second thought. But that inattention could put us at risk. Here’s why. Not paying attention to the health of our ears can lead to hearing problems. Which experts believe can, in turn, result in potentially serious issues. So how does a person guard against the problems […]

  • 8 Things No One Tells You Before Joining a Gym

    The new year is just kicking off. Maybe you joined a gym as part of your resolutions, or perhaps you’ve seen your gym flooded with new members that are clueless about proper gym decorum. In the eternal quest for fitness, there are a few things that no one ever tells newcomers about going to the […]

  • Growing Solid Muscle Mass with HGH

    A popular trend among bodybuilders this year is the use of human growth hormone (abbreviated usually to HGH) for a safe and smooth increase in muscle mass. Many athletes are already into the use of this new wonder drug, but many others are still unsure of its actual usefulness and perhaps a bit cautious about […]

  • Home Gym vs. Gym Membership

    When you’re ready to get serious about your health, you may be asking yourself, should I buy a home gym or a gym membership? Both come with their share of positives and negatives. Public Gym Memberships A public gym can provide you with exercise equipment you can’t use at home. This can decrease your chance […]