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  • Simple Ways To Get More Fit

    Having good physical health is a critical aspect that makes a real difference between healthy and not so healthy individuals. In order to be healthy people need to make changes in their lifestyle and aim to make better decisions. Even though many people claim that it is possible to keep fit by having a good […]

  • Effects of HGH on the Human Body

    Human growth hormone is a naturally occurring hormone. In our body this hormone regulates the overall growth and development. Pituitary gland is responsible for production, storage and secretion of the growth hormones. The somatotroph cells of this gland produce growth hormone. Till puberty, the human body is flooded with growth hormones that help us during […]

  • Rules to Stick by for a Healthier Outlook

    Better health is such a simple concept yet in life we over complicate and make excuses for doing some of the simplest things to try and change it. Our perception of health and the widespread media influence over the past decade has caused confusion, and there is an overwhelming amount of information on what is […]

  • 5 Health and Safety Tips for College Students

    For most college students, these four years is the first time they’re truly on their own. Some risky behavior is to be expected, but if balanced with some core health and safety tips college can be a fruitful experience where a person discovers more about themselves. Parents often worry about their children off on their […]

  • How To Avoid Wrist Pain During Push Ups

    Working out should never hurt you and if you feel pain while doing push-ups, you should consider changing how you are going about it. Wrist pain is a common problem during push-ups and it often happens when you are not keen on the positioning of your hands, and it could also be due to exertion […]

  • 8 In-Home Exercises That Actually Work

    It isn’t always possible to hit the gym. Luckily, exercising in your home can be just as fun and effective. It also saves membership fees and time you would have spent in traffic driving to the gym.  Here is a list of 8 in-home exercises that actually work. Walking lunges Stand on the treadmill with […]

  • How Mindfulness Empowers Us to Live a Fuller Life

    You may have heard a lot about mindfulness these days, particularly in some spaces such as yoga studios, but what exactly does it mean? Simply put, it’s the idea of being wholly present in everything you do. This can be challenging in a society that reveres staying busy and multi-tasking. When “doing nothing” is seen […]

  • Should You Try Ear Acupuncture for Weight Loss?

    Many people will not believe it but ear acupuncture actually helps you reduce weight for good. This is one of the recent discoveries made by the Korean specialists in acupuncture. These specialists work on the relief of backache by giving warmth to the ear of human body. This idea is researched to elevate for producing […]

  • Why Many People Like Using Viagra

    Music maestro! (romantic singing in the background) and read with a romantic voice. Sildenafil is a very popular drug that goes by the name of Viagra. The wonder drug that got sold out the moment it went into distribution. It got all the media attention and people were talking about it on a global scale. […]