4 Ways To Control Your Road Rage

If you live in a city where there are a lot of people on the roads, you may find yourself battling road rage.  The more people between you and the place that you’re trying to get to, the more that you’re likely to get frustrated when you can’t get there as fast as you’d like.

Road rage can become particularly dangerous when it makes you hostile.  Not only are you more likely of getting into an accident, but it may even result in physical violence outside of the car.

In order to stay safe and avoid behavior that you might regret later, it’s in your best interest to control your road rage before it starts.  Here are some of the best tips for controlling your emotions and curbing your road rage.

Don’t Drive If You’re Extra Emotional

If you’re feeling overly sad or angry, you shouldn’t get behind the wheel.  When your emotions get the best of you, you may not have the best judgment.

Before driving, make sure that you’re in a good state of mind.  You want to drive with your logic, not with your emotions.  

Practice Deep Breathing

When you’re under stress, deep breathing can help your body calm down.  When you deep breathe, you add oxygen to your blood, releasing tension.  Focus on your breathing and inhale and exhale slowly, releasing any stress that you feel building up.

Each time that you start to feel yourself triggered, take a deep breath, and focus on bringing your attention away from whatever is making you angry. 

Listen To Soothing Music

Music can have a profound impact on your mood and the way that you experience different situations.  If you’re playing soothing music in your car, you’re much less likely to react angrily.

However, if you’re listening to music that is energizing or angry, you may be more likely of an explosive reaction.  Listen to whatever music brings out serenity in you. 

Leave Early

One of the biggest reasons why people get road rage is because they’re in a hurry.  If you find yourself frequently angry with other drivers, ask yourself whether it might not be a result of leaving the house too late. 

Try to leave the house earlier and see if your everyday road rage decreases.

Over time, with enough practice and dedication to using the above methods, you can lower your road rage.

By focusing on trying to be courteous rather than aggressive, you can hopefully reduce your frustration and put yourself less at risk for unnecessary accidents.

After all, no matter how incompetent other drivers are, nothing is worth getting so angry over that you risk you or someone else’s life.