5 Diet Tips That Can Help Your Alcohol Detox Program

Have you committed to breaking an addiction to alcohol or drugs? Think about how your lifestyle choices can back this change and help ease the transition. After all, what you put into your body plays a significant role in how it works. Removing harmful substances such as drugs and alcohol is the most obvious part of a detox, but do not stop there. Look for diet adjustments to aid the reset of your mind and body.

Keep reading to check out five ways to use food to remove the bad and bring in the good.

1. Start with Water

Time and time again, you have heard that you should drink more water. Riding the body of toxins requires even more water than usual to expel the harmful stuff. Did you know that the symptoms of dehydration and withdrawal overlap? Think about it. Fatigue, anxiety, nausea, appetite loss, and irritability are effects of both. To avoid getting a double the withdrawal symptoms, keep the water flowing.

2. Try a Temporary Liquid Diet

If you have gone through withdrawal before, you will know about the dreaded loss of appetite. Although the last thing you will want to do is try to keep food down, this is a time when consuming nutrients is necessary. One trick around this common issue is to eat a liquid diet. Soups packed with lean protein, herbal teas, and fruit juices are a fantastic way to get nutritional support.

3. Focus on Fruits and Vegetables

What your parents always told you is true: Eat your fruits and vegetables. Each fruit offers different nutrient benefits to the body, so include as much variety as possible. Fruits contain fiber, which aids in digestion, enabling the body to flesh out toxic build up. Similarly, vegetables offer high levels of fiber for digestive benefits. Look to vegetables for essential vitamins and minerals. Whether you snack on an apple or bowl of greens, your body will appreciate the encouragement to push the bad build up out of your system.

4. Go for Low Fat Protein

“Hanger” is a trendy new word to describe a feeling of hunger that causes anger. To prevent that, eat some protein packed. Feeling full boosts mood and energy. Some believe this reduces the likelihood of relapse into addiction. Who knew avoiding hanger could improve detox results? When you think of lean protein, think of seafood, dairy, beans, soy, pork tenderloin, and chicken.

5. Cayenne Pepper

Healthy food does not have to be bland. Check out herbs and spices that have detoxification properties, such as cayenne pepper. It reduces alcohol cravings and increases appetite. The detox process often reduces appetite, so incorporating cayenne pepper is a smart way to find a balance.

Stick with It

Deciding to make a big life change is difficult. Why not use whatever methods you can to make that transition easier and increase your chances of success? A healthy diet is a way to go. Commit to taking care of yourself during withdrawal by eating well.